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  1. Renegade Online Demo

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    This version of Renegade is based on Renegade Demo and FDS files. Single Player is not avaliable!


  2. {Os}ChriS sniping

    nice video reichsburger pretty much every shot u miss is cause of server lag, either infantry stuttering or jumping lag...same here
  3. renegade The Ultra aow bots crack me up

    Yeah I dont buy the reinforcements because they stalk me, they should just guard the area a bit tbh. If they didn't stalk me, glitch up my aiming and make it more obvious where I am I would actually use the command for the reinforcements..
  4. renegade Zuko's videos - Sniping

    I don't believe you.
  5. Seems to be working again now.
  6. ^. When I join via XWIS I get stuck on the "Negotiating port" screen. When I direct connect it shows "Joining game". Worked fine two days ago.
  7. renegade Sniper Online

    I'm having the same problem with the New Maps server since today or so, I don't see it on GSA and when I try to join it on XWIS it doesn't connect. I also doesn't see the Sniper server.
  8. Is this a shaders HUD (for a lack of better words) looking like the stock one?
  9. renegade funny pic's


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