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  1. roszek


    I'm still around @trunkskgb been working on a project with Goldy58 and a few others, a new 'full conversion mod'. We got pretty close to done but decided to abandon the renegade/sage engine and move to a newer engine. Progress is being made but will take some time. I went to try to go to the jelly-server forums but they seem to be gone (as well as old renforums), so I thought I would ask around before I swiped there name. I snagged jelly-gaming /jellygaming domain names, but jelly-server was taken by hugedomains and they want like 4 grand for it, lmao. always like the name Jelly. But if the come around and yell about it I guess I wont keep it though...
  2. roszek


    Was wondering if there are some old jelly staff peops around here...? @unknown stop being mad bro 😌
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