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  1. Version 1.0.2


    This pack contains all of the purchase icons somewhat faithfully remade in HD! For the characters I used W3D Viewer and the animation files h_a_a0a0.w3d and h_b_a0a0.w3d in conjunction with the character models to grab them in their standby states. For the vehicles, I imported all of the vehicle models into 3DS Max and manually adjusted them to match as close to their icons as possible. I then used W3D Viewer and adjusted the perspective and lighting (max ambient) then set an all-green background (R 0, G 255, B 0) for render screen capturing. I imported the screenshots into Photoshop and made additional tweaks as needed then exported in DDS format. These blend very well with the originals and do not appear out of place when used with maps that utilize custom icons. Included as extra content are blank templates and a text document detailing the Photoshop settings that I used for certain effects and adjustments. A ReadMe.txt file is included with additional information and installation steps.
  2. Version BETA2


    Original C&C_Marsh_BETA2, with fixed proxies and building tiles.
  3. Version 1.0.4


    Introduction: This is a refresh of an old project started by Gen Blacky (aka Mr. Z) with help from Slave and ErroR. It is a project that converted the first person weapon models to replace the original Westwood third person and back carried models. Read the entire description for complete list of changes. Credits.txt and Readme.txt files are included as well as the source files for both Glen Blacky's and mine. In this refresh of the project, there are multiple fixes: Global Weapon Fixes and Changes: Used the first person models (as is without scaling) for third person, back carried, and pickups to fix scaling inconsistencies Welded all the vertices on the weapon polygons; doing this fixed micro gaps Brightened the beams, displays, flares, and lights for first and third person models Added reflection to all digital displays, laser beams, rifle scopes, and laser rifle's crystal (in XXXX_alt folders) Removed all beams, display textures, flares, and lights from back carried models for proper (not in use/powered down) appearance Made all the weapon flares, and lights cam-parallel Made the weapon muzzle flashes that weren't in separate mz_xxxx#.w3d files brighter and cam-parallel Fixed the smoothing groups; doing this fixed poorly shaded and visible triangles Fixed all the back carried models' rotation and pivots Auto Rifle: Added the missing front faces and texture Fixed texture wrapping on the weapon's chassis Fixed texture wrapping on clip Fixed third person hand position C4-Proximity: Fixed the back carried model's orientation to match the original model's ***Included an alternate model with the arms fully extended out C4-Remote: Fixed the straps not being 2-sided on the side opposite to the remote Fixed the back carried model's orientation to match those of the other weapons C4-Timed: Fixed the rotation of the third person model so that the C4 now appears upright Fixed the back carried model's orientation to match those of the other weapons Chain Gun: Moved the back and front meshes closer to the weapon's chassis to remove small gaps Fixed texture inconsistencies on the chain belt and gun handle Scaled the chain mesh by -0.55% to appear more fitted Fixed the chain mesh not having inner faces Adjusted the chain texture's VPerSec from 7.0 to 10.0 to match the rotation speed of the weapon's barrels Modified the non-rotating cylindrical meshes to rotate with the barrels Chem Sprayer: Fixed texture inconsistencies Removed gaps between the tip, top bridge, and canister Fixed goo mesh's texture inconsistencies, they are now seamlessly wrapped Scaled canister's goo1 mesh by -0.80% to appear more fitted Fixed the reload animation, pc000 and pc001 weren't removing with the clip f_cm_chem due to not having checked only export geometry and unchecking transform bone Fixed the back carried model to have the goo1 and goo2 mesh texture Fixed third person hand position ***Included an alternate model with reflective glass over the clip canister Flamethrower: Made the torch2 flame muzzle cam-parallel Enhanced the brightness of the torch flame Fixed the trigger missing faces on the right side of the weapon Fixed third person hand position Grenade Launcher: Removed a gap between compressor canister and launcher chassis Resized the clip to remove large gaps and appear fitted Resized the f_cm_gren clip to match Ion Cannon Beacon: Moved the locks closer to the center to remove gaps Moved the panel pieces on third person model to remove gaps Rotated the third person model to match the remote C4's hand position Rotated the back carried model to match the C4'(s) facing ***Included an alternate model that has the locks and dish parts fully extended, now matches the deploying animation ***Included an alternate model with the missing lock lights restored Laser Chain Gun: Removed a gap between gun barrel rotor and gun chassis Changed the topbeam texture's VPerSec from 1 to 10 to match the barrel rotation speed Fixed the firing animation to match the rate of fire, to behave more like a chain gun, and removed gaps and mesh clipping seen in the original animation Laser Rifle: Made the crystal's color more saturated to prevent the reflective layer from washing out the color Nuclear Strike Beacon: Moved feet vertices to fix overlapping/clipping Extended the 4 receivers out on third person/world model Personal Ion Cannon: Removed a gap between the scope and gun chassis Fixed clipping between the rotor and scope Fixed the muzzle flash for first person but it doesn't appear after every shot Fixed third person hand position Pistol: Fixed the reload animation, the clip wouldn't drop from the weapon due to having an incorrect pivot hierarchy order Fixed broken vertices on clip Fixed bad texture wrapping on clip Rail Gun: Removed a small gap between suppressor support and barrel Ramjet Rifle: Removed a small gap between hydraulic and gun barrel Fixed third person hand position Repair Gun: Removed gaps between canisters and tubes Fixed the third person model's muzzle flash so that the two smaller flashes are no longer cam parallel and fixed their rotation, so they don't clip through the weapon Rocket Launcher: Removed a small gap between screen and launcher body Resized the launcher loader to remove large gaps Shotgun: Centered the back carried model Fixed third person hand position ***Included an alternate model that has no stock ***Included an alternate back carried model that has the stock folded to match the original back carried model Sniper Rifle: Changed the white light back to red to match the original model Removed a gap between scope and rifle body Fixed the texture wrapping on the clip Replaced the individual clip model f_cm_snip with the one that's actually used on the weapon Fixed third person hand position ***Included an alternate back carried model with the scope lid in the closed position Tiberium Auto Rifle: Changed the white lights back to green to match the original model ***Included an alternate model with an edited texture that has the canister's color changed to grayscale, added an animated goo mesh over the canister similar to the effect on the Chem Sprayer Tiberium Flechette Gun: Removed unnecessary faces from the inside of the weapon model ***Made the clip glass clear and reflective Volt Auto Rifle: Fixed the animated electric texture on the right side of the weapon Removed gaps between the electric currents and the weapon's chassis Made the electric currents 2-sided Fixed the pivot orientation of the flares on the first person model ***Included an alternate model with a glass cover over the electric currents ***Included an alternate model with a red beam styled to Westwood's original model This package contains a batch file for easy install/customization, and a readme for installation. Please enjoy and if you should use this in any mod or on a server please give credit to everyone involved in this project.
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