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  1. brenbot doesn't load any plugins why? i have jukebox and DA (pm,xml) in brenbot/plugins folder, when i type "!music on" nothing happens, server is in lan mode, i can use commands like !gameover or !rotation,
  2. Where can i find this plugin? Paths in brenbot.cfg FDSLogFilePath = C:\Gry\Renegade\RenegadeFDS\Server\ FDSConfigFile = C:\Gry\Renegade\RenegadeFDS\Server\data\svrcfg_cnc.ini From brenbot console: [19:32:17] BRenBot 1.53 build 19 [19:32:17] Copyright 2003-2014, Tiberian Technologies. All rights reserved. [19:32:17] [Config] Detected SSGM version 4.1 [19:32:17] [Config] Unable to find data/paths.ini, assuming default logfile path... C:\Gry\Renegade\RenegadeFDS\Server\Renegade/FDS/ [19:32:17] Starting game status refresh thread... [19:32:17] [GSA] Opening gamespy query port 23500... [19:32:17] [iRC] Connected to irc.playzone.us. [19:32:17] Connecting to SSGM Log Server on Success! [19:32:18] [iRC] Joining channel #[-HOH-]szymek777|Server... [19:32:18] [iRC] [-HOH-]szymek777|Server joined channel #Lounge [19:32:19] [iRC] [-HOH-]szymek777|Server joined channel #[-HOH-]szymek777|Server PS. Also i have jukebox plugin from download section and it doesn't work
  3. How to enable recommendations and Brenbot cant find paths.ini
  4. LOL i had it.I fixed download link for you. If you post there i will fix it. Thank god i came here http://www.renegadeskins.net/t193-halo-reticles#19894 I have almost everything
  5. Now you don't need to do this dragonade was the great idea
  6. I need script which i can put in zone and have included time to send custom to ID
  7. Can anyone update this plugin? http://multiplayerforums.com/index.php?/files/file/37-remove-weapon-chat-command/
  8. Could you make scripts.dll with script z_Cinematic_Attack2 for me? This script was used in map C&C_Tutorial. Please
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1ba36wjGNM In this video is custom public mesage sound. Can someone help me to find it?
  10. I played on this map with my brother on LAN
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