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    On the Northern End of The Western Frontier/Tundran TerritoryBoundary Line
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    Renegade, TCW, Programming, and doing absolutely nothing, but earning all the credits

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  1. Just necro'd my account to give my condolences. Regardless, Zunnie was the one who purchased me a copy of CSGO, from where I met people who I still talk to today and would not be where I am now without them. I firmly believe he had a vision for things others did not. I would end on a lighter note, but I cannot seem to find the video of the TCW FunWar that was up for the longest time. Some pretty damn fine memories playing that will all who participated.
  2. good to see you still around

    1. Lundy004


      "I'm not dead!"

  3. Lundy004


    On killing spree's, just randomly "HaHaHa!" "Keep `em Comin`" "Real tough guy!"
  4. Lundy004


    The original "I've got a present for ya!" every time you use Timed C4
  5. Somebody told them I was going to be playing. But I never showed up
  6. That, or have more flashing lights on it. Make it bigger text too!
  7. Is there gonna be more people playing again? Been waiting on a csgo "Get Together", even though I kinda unbalance the teams
  8. Remember, you only get a FRACTION of the winnings! Get it?
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