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Madeen last won the day on August 24 2018

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    Command and Conquer (RTS)
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  1. Madeen

    C&C BunkersTS

    I like the map, but I always thought it could have used some tunnels, too. It's too easy foo vehicles to stop infantry rushes.
  2. Madeen

    C&C Terrace

    One of my favorites, but i always felt it was Nod biased. GDI needs good teamwork to win.
  3. Madeen

    C&C Last Stand

    This is a fun map that offers everything from tank to sniper battles. Love it!
  4. Madeen

    New Extended Renegade Map-Database

    @WNxServer my man, how did you get the satellite views of the stock maps?
  5. Madeen

    New Extended Renegade Map-Database

    His name should be rufus, because that is the trufus. I'm a pack-rat when it comes to video games. I save all kinds of stuff to my external HDD for safe keeping.
  6. Madeen

    New Extended Renegade Map-Database

    I still have them all, @RoCkStAr
  7. Madeen

    New Extended Renegade Map-Database

    I like this, this is nice.
  8. Madeen

    Storm Weather

    Love storms. They always seem to calm everything down.
  9. Madeen

    Introducing my daughter

    Congrats! Make sure she plays Renegade when she is older.
  10. Madeen

    R.I.P. zunnie

    Wow, what a shame. I only knew Zunnie in passing, but he did a lot for Renegade and MPF especially. You will be missed, zun!
  11. Madeen

    renegade Screenie I found

    Got a few more that trunks sent me. Must be from back when I played on his pc. Still see a few of these names around.

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