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  1. What are you currently listening to?

  2. Merry Christmass Everyone :)

    Been a while since I listened to Alice in Chains. Big fan of Again and Heaven Beside Me.
  3. Unlimited ammo redeemer

    Mad MSPaint skills right there.
  4. Merry Christmass Everyone :)

    Soundgarden is cool, but man am I tired of the Foo Fighters.
  5. Random C4 Kill

    Been a long ass time since that worked for me. But I was on the receiving end pretty recently.
  6. Double Kill Double Headshot

    Still a nice coupla shots. I see what you mean about DaDuke, too. . . . He could have easily dropped you from that angle, well before you you started one the second player.
  7. Merry Christmass Everyone :)

    Play Stairway to Heaven.
  8. Double Kill Double Headshot

    Lies! Deception! I was lead to believe this would be a one shot, two kills clip. Been a long time since I managed one of those.
  9. renegade Screenie I found

    Definitely UN's GSA server. I believe it was one of the last Funwars, actually.
  10. renegade Screenie I found

    Found a couple more, too:
  11. renegade Screenie I found

    Not sure when it's from, though. Sometime in the last year, I think.
  12. Hiya

    Bigly news if true. Figured you'd like the BM reference. Seemed the appropriate choice, since it's sort of been a running theme. I should be on tonight. Got a couple screens to upload at RenCorner about some weirdo in their server.
  13. Hiya

    Looks like I never did this, so; hello. Long time Ren player, but usually kept a low profile. I recognize a lot of the old names, but probably never interacted directly with any of you. Except for trunks. That guy smells.

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