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  1. Hi everyone not sure if anyone still know me used to play with nickname Alex on newmaps How is everyone doing? The server is still kicking in ? I think i will start playing again
  2. Damn i wanted to try csgo too bad i couldn't play this month too much
  3. Let's play a game by rating the user above Like this.. Skill Level: 0/10 TeamWork Level : 0/10 Mib Level: 0/10
  4. Alex

    Pls help me

    To use WOL i believe you need a XWIS account, but you can play on MPF wtihout WOL. Disable WOL and use GSA
  5. Alex

    I'm in love

    This one was a hit here in Romania ^^
  6. Not sure if I can join but i will try Be prepared mods 8)
  7. I would like a classic coop server With new maps would be too laggy
  8. Alex

    MPF Keys.cfg Installer

    Every new unit can do that ? - press Q to deploy a tank trap - press N to deploy a barbwire - press B to deploy a sandbag - press M to lay an Anti-Tank mine
  9. Alex


    I requested it ok ? You don't need to post here if you don't want to help me. If someone want to help me ok if no ok again nobody is bound to make it. I requested it because i don't know how to script that's why
  10. Alex


    I want the bots to come from a chinook like !support but to works in singleplayer ( campaign )
  11. Alex


    I want a scrip that allow me to drop bots in singleplayer and practice mode.
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