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Everything posted by bullvipe

  1. If you guys don't already know a good friend and well known gamer and the founder of MPF has passed away! Zunnie may you rest in peace. I don't have all the details of what has happened as the family is still in shock.
  2. your clear scope is not working foe me! HELP!!!!

  3. I am going to make this short and sweet for everyone........... I am stepping down permanently...... Thank You Bully P.S. May see you in game as a player every now and then!
  4. bullvipe

    Med Selfie

    Thats awesome. love it
  5. Frist pic is me! Second is me and bigjimer! Third is me and my brother! Forth is me and my beautiful wife Cheryripe!
  6. Done at 9:17pm Thursday night on July 7,2016
  7. bullvipe


    happy birthday dude!!
  8. Is there any staff member that can upgrade the map pack for renegade! Please someone upgrade it! Thank You MPFbullvipe
  9. bullvipe


    Earlier today tatfortit69 was having some problems get the crates in game with an Initiate! I was taking a few screen shots to show you what i am talk about. Sorry so many screen shots my fraps was not work at the time.
  10. RENEGADE FOR LIFE! Any other game can !!!!...... j/k!!! i only know one game and its Renegade!
  11. Happy birthday cronnuts! lol
  12. Happy birthday old fart! lol! just kidding!
  13. bullvipe

    Got Gas

    well its 1.37 a liter here in Aussie land
  14. sorry to hear that m8! prayers to you and your family! see you around!
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