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  1. Now with anwers like these it's for me quite simple, you are not willing to discus things in a civil adult way and therefore i have no further intentions to go further on this subject. 1. Bitching for spelling errors of a guy who's native language isn't english is IMO very low and shows disrespect towards the people who try to be active on a forum written in english. 2. Saying this got me laughs, acting like you are GOD, i'll bet i find i game in witch i will own you many times, but....... like i said before , for me is this a closed case, same as all other topics of you, since you & I are clearly both to different to find a common intrest and i have no intention in bitching or get bitched all the time on a gaming forum witch was ment to have fun.
  2. Don't believe it's a 'conspiracy' , just saying science already perfectly explained how live as we know it, happend, nothing to do with a god or any divine creator That gigantic book isn't exist cos a group of men sat down and wrote a story of the entire earths creation in one time. Every religion has their own version of the their God and how the earth was created, I believe those scripts where written by philosopher's & and the pioneers of scientist, it has changed and grow into a book through many years, not just wrote down in one day or a year.Explain me how it comes we have the bible, quaran,etc... not to be forgotten all the other religions & their version in their books like Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Lamaism, etc... all have a different view of things & facts, they all believe their religion is the one & only true religion..... The benefit, hmmm , not hard to guess... one word ...POWER, Look at the history of each religion and how they got spread, all through power, it was in the early days simple, people weren't educated and therefore an easy target for a group of smart people to have control over.Look at how Christianity got spread, it got spread by killing thousands of people who wouldn't believe in it, it was simple, you either must believe or you would got killed by for expml. a spanish inquistor or by a cruisader, same goes for the Islamic beliefs and the rest of the religions out there, even in India not so long ago (20 or 30 years) ago 1000 sixth & hindoes where killed in a reliongs battle of which god was real and which one not. Most probly some pages & stories written in for exmpl. the bible are false & true at the same time, meaning, what if a 'God' was nothing more then and extraterrestrial encounter (now we becoming on the stargate story, but other elements on earth are alrdy proven there where highly inteligent (beings' visiting earth alrdy several times). Now suppose one of those lifeform did something that looked for the common men divine, and those stories where written down, slighty changed over the years and voila, you got you're bible with the false/true stories & details or do you really believe that Mozes opened the Red Sea with a wooden stick to let the refugees escapes from a faroa ? But as far as i enjoy this debate, we must not forget we are on a gaming forum So Religion or not, on my side or not, if I am in the other team then you , you probly will die
  3. I believe and i'm pretty sure this is how it works that if we stop breathing we will die, unless someone calls 911 and reanimate us There is birth & there is death and in between there is something that's called life as we know it which science have perfectly figured out how it comes we are here in the form as we know (humans & animals, etc). I think religion (in the early days) is made up to give people a definition how it came we are here (when science couldn't explain it yet) and to obtain a certain power over us as history proven that many times. Religion IMO is nothing else then an excuse to fight over (look at the past over the many wars fought for a believe ) and then look at the world as we know it today (still nothing changed, so many people dies in fights every day over religion and over to which god is real and which is not). In the past there where many gods (german gods, greek gods, egyptian gods, etc......) all 'gods' we know now (many years later) that weren't real and we laugh at it now that once people believed in but then for those people they where as real as the gods some believe now in. I have nothing against religion as it can brings hopes & comfort aswell to some people who believe, but for me, well.. i'll have no religion, just we where lucky to be in the right spot of the universe at the right time and the right distance from a brigth star to give us live as we know it ;). But there where gods in the past, that i'm pretty sure of , look at Michael Jackson, Freddy Mercury, David Bowie, all gods of music
  4. I don't do politics, so no vote from me to either one.
  5. May be closed then to avoid unnecessary drama
  6. Awesome Cover of Simon & Garfunkel
  7. It was ment to be an reply on this topic but for some reasons it turned out to be a new topic instead of an reply.
  8. No dick, no drama queen, no intrest anymore for mod for the reasons givin in the aplication topic, this is another topic;) Odd you find the time and can read this content tough But like i stated before, i offer my help for testing things out and have zero intrest anymore in modding the ren server as things have changed to much on the renegade side of command. I thought i could be an asset for the ren server as i always modded fair and without drama in the past but seems you guy's have a different opnion about that , so no drama, let's move on, nothing to do with being a dick, just stating things out how i feel them.
  9. Hey Zunnie. Do you still looking for testers as from mid september 2016 i'll have alot of time again for it. You know me by now, always looking for a new project or something that keeps me busy and since nobody from the high ranking renegade staff have the decenty or the maturity to respond on my re-aplication for mod i will even have more time on hand. Perhaps from mid sept (will install ts3 & irc again then) you can introduce me in the coding or mapping thingy as that stuff i'll findmost intresting to learn I'm done with my previous project (making, editting our wedding album and create awesome picture from them) so a new project is always welcome
  10. That would be an unfair advantage you guy's will have then. It's like i will ask to be each time in the same team as Playboy ( my son) is in, we would own the server that way, taking away the fun of others. Just my 50 cents on this, but then again , who am i
  11. Tragic death of MPF greatest caught on video. Watch it below in the video.
  12. Guess , you'll need more practice on those maps then Could give some lessons out on what to use and when Every time i play those maps from the start, it ends with a win or loss, not cos time ran out
  13. Had some fun yesterday in arid.mix  with some great guy's, it's good to be part of MPF :)

  14. What are the odds, anyway nvm then , if this is not you Welcome to MPF
  15. To be or not to be, that's the question.... IRC & TS3 again or not  ?????