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  1. childish isnt the word

  2. Rackzz this has nothing to do with you or many others but, someone who called me a name ending in bear..Even though my attack is protecting their kids and ours.. I have been there..No offence to you bro or many others..
  3. Fair enough I know my battle and also understand most people just judge, this makes me feel so unwelcome. Bare in mind I am like a soldier on the attack, but fair enough enjoy the game dudes loved you all in an equal way...
  4. Funny thing is when I go on the attack, people complain and label me yet they fought for nothing but business and sod our kids? Makes no sense but carry on.
  5. I feel so unwelcome in game, it's deleted and a trigger I need to stay away from..;) Enjoy and nothing but respect..
  6. Only trying to help you all make better choices for our kids...Even though I have none..
  7. The reason why you seen on my history, to those that know it is You that spreads the pain. Hence I will attack You! So far got everything I need including new home, with a south facing balcony the sun rise...:) I spent 2 years fighting to have what I do soon, Yet I still see you all fighting for it and I have hardly ever worked? Happy Days Welcome or not..
  8. You got wife or girlfriend Capt ? No never been given the gift of that freedom yet, most call their lives norm even though I fought for it and fucked up in it...Have I ever done you any harm and when I do breakdown I attack Society going, come on confront me. We vets suffer more especially the ones willing to fight because they were abused before, so fitted in as I felt so abandoned, having suffered this abuse for 5 years from 9 years of age... I know you all will never get it and good to meet you all, people for peace is what we fight for. No matter our country or religion we all enjoy fun. No?
  9. Love a good bit of Karma reminds me of the real world, rather than the one we are distracted by..
  10. My first crash on my new bike and the bike is ok not even a scratch...But me on the other hand LoL Dislocated shoulder plus flesh wounds. Happy with that
  11. I think class A drugs are totally different from weed, I smoke weed as it stops me from killing all the people I did not fight for....Lmao but true also now get meds too to control my mood swings so in time who knows.
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