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  1. Happy birthday FeaR

    Happy Birthday!
  2. I am Muther

    Hi Welcome to the forums. There are still some older MP people lurking around here.
  3. Greetings from Indy

    Hi, welcome to our forums. Hope you enjoy your time here. Feel free to ask for help if you cant figure out something in the server, plenty of people around here who will help.
  4. Hello from New Jersey!

    Hi, welcome to the forums!
  5. Hello People!

    Welcome to the forums
  6. Alex

    Thank you
  7. Hi all

    Welcome to the forums
  8. Hello

  9. zunnie

    Happy Birthday!
  10. Kickmofo

    Happy Birthday!
  11. Happy Fathers Day

    Happy fathers day to all the fathers!
  12. why hey hello

    Welcome back! And congrats on the baby!
  13. NXwolf

    Happy Birthday!
  14. New Renegade Division Leader

    We have recently made some changes to our administrative structure. Kickmofohas informed us that he would like to step down in order to be able to devote more time to his personal life. This something most of us can understand very well. Moderating for a server and especially being the leader is like having another job expect that it is unpaid. There is a lot of work that goes into it and most of it is unseen in the background. While we regret to see him go we understand that real life must always come first. Kick has done a lot of great things for furthering and advancing our Renegade Server. He will remain an admin in our community but will no longer be the leader of the Renegade Division. Taking Kick's place as the leader will be r3surr3Ktx. He has really grown in our community and made it his home. He has taken up many projects that no one else wanted to and has put in a huge amount of work into both our Renegade server and community as a whole. r3 plays renegade frequently, has built rapport with the players and is willing to speak his mind and bring new ideas to the table. He has done a great job and proved himself a reliable and dedicated contributor to our community. We cannot think of a better person to lead our Renegade section. Please join us in thanking Kick for the great work he has done and congratulating r3 on his new position. Alex & Fear
  15. MPFCheryripe

    Happy Birthday!

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