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  1. Thanks everyone for the quick donations, Bill is paid We'll update the Donation goal soon.
  2. We switched to a dedicated server a year ago, and its time for renewal. The Cost is $420.69 a year (Yes our host did that on purpose lol) We have $156 in donations, took a bit longer than we wanted to migrate a couple servers, so we were paying for our old ones too. If anyone has some spare change in their couch, a donation would be appreciated. Dont feel you have to if you dont have it! So we need just show of $265 USD
  3. Hey, for some reason my Ip address on irc is banned.

    Not sure how to unban it my self.

    Can you help!


  4. I have been trying to contact Wyld over the last few months in various ways with no luck. He was a private person and let me know a few years ago his name and we met and hung out a few years ago. Since I have had no contact, i've been searching for news, Unfortunately im saddened to say I found he has passed away back in February. Many did not know but he had been fighting cancer for a few years. It seems the cancer was just too much. Out of respect I will not put any personal details out there, I did contact his wife and confirmed, and she would rather it be kept private. We've lost another hell of a friend. R.I.P Wyld you crazy old fucker...
  5. Working on it, updating certs. server will tell your client to use 6697 if you try 6667. so thats why you see that
  6. so you tried it on different internet? You can join, just not download the ingame files right? Sounds like your renegade install is busted
  7. Do you get the same error message on sla coop also? I need more details, cause this doesnt make sense.
  8. Alot of old ren folks that left renegade years ago, came back and love RenegadeX. The preference is just all over the place. RenegadeX is made "in the style" of Renegade, But it is its own game. With many different features and gameplays
  9. When I woke up to all the notifications about this, I wasn't quite sure how to to take it. It just didn't seem real, I even checked to see if its april fools day or something. He was one of the greatest guys i've met, never witnessed him mad much. always helping, always doing anything he can, without thinking of himself. Truly was a great man. He'll be missed. I hope his family is ok, he always talked to me about his nieces he loved so much. May he rest in peace.
  10. Nah players are all good, It should just work, It doesnt show all the servers since alot of them haven't restarted their server. But the active ones are on the list. Today or tonight sometime I'll move the DNS back to the main server. Going forward any server owners should have both of the following DNS in their MasterGSA List renmaster.cncirc.net renmaster-backup.cncirc.net
  11. Server just came back online, Verifying all services are running.
  12. Sorry for not putting a notice! Datacenter is moving server racks to a new rack in the facility. Updates below. Update @ 8:18am CST: On-site staff are having difficulty with these moves and taking much longer than expected. They are moving as quickly as possible and we are currently hoping to have the maintenance done for all customers by 11am CST, with some back online sooner than that. Please accept our sincere apologies for the additional downtime.
  13. You should try it again, I worked hard on getting patch mirrors for installing RenX. Its pretty damn solid now.
  14. You have to be voiced to talk in that channel, your status window is probably screaming at you about that. Just register your nickname and you should get voice.
  15. We killed off our EU Server a bit back that held Renegade-X. After watching for a few months, it seems our US Renegade-X Server is hardly used unless another server is offline. With this we will more than likely cancel this server. We would stop hosting Renegade-X and downgrade our VDS which would save MPF $11.99 USD per month. If any of you would like to keep this going, that can be donated on the donate page. Note: I updated the donation goals to one goal. MPF currently only requires $90.00 USD per month to operate. Anything you donate is welcomed and helps keep us going!
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