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  1. You should try it again, I worked hard on getting patch mirrors for installing RenX. Its pretty damn solid now.
  2. Governments have been doing things for years, next few weeks wont be any different. This post is a little off, not sure what the point is or what its for?
  3. You have to be voiced to talk in that channel, your status window is probably screaming at you about that. Just register your nickname and you should get voice.
  4. The amount of gaming I do is too damn low! Seriously tho I might play more overwatch now that im back in business, 1050M is nice
  5. as if! PC's can die just like laptops
  6. Will be Mia for a few days. Laptop died Sunday afternoon. New one won't be here until Wednesday. Email me or pm if needed. Won't be on IRC till then!
  7. I'm not sure i'll check on it later.
  8. I miss ts2 days, it was so much fun to mess with... also i remember it taking you 20 minutes to hack my dial up
  9. you still hacking ts2 servers?
  10. Thanks for the heads up o/
  11. We killed off our EU Server a bit back that held Renegade-X. After watching for a few months, it seems our US Renegade-X Server is hardly used unless another server is offline. With this we will more than likely cancel this server. We would stop hosting Renegade-X and downgrade our VDS which would save MPF $11.99 USD per month. If any of you would like to keep this going, that can be donated on the donate page. Note: I updated the donation goals to one goal. MPF currently only requires $90.00 USD per month to operate. Anything you donate is welcomed and helps keep us going!
  12. I'ts really shitty, but apparently the person that "Owned" aka created the MPF Discord, deleted it. The new one we created is at https://discord.gg/gzgCvrq
  13. Thats a 50/50 split. I don't think I've ever seen stats closer than 52.03% lol
  14. Good deal.
  15. Since your IP was blocked because of an attack coming from your network. You need to do the following below to secure your network and all it's devices. NOTE, this is DIRECTLY from our host! The IP block is almost about to expire from our blocked database, however if you'd like this lifted sooner some steps will need to be completed to secure the users connection. * Update the firmware on the router and/or modem * Change the credentials to log into the router and/or modem * If possible, disable WAN-side administration of the router and/or modem * Scan the PC and home network for malicious software and viruses * Update the firmware and change the passwords on other internet-connected devices -- particularly video surveillance devices