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  1. very sad news Rest In Peace Zunnie
  2. actually looks really good fun. thanks for sharing
  3. either using credit card or google wallet for online purchases.
  4. some of the missions were long and brutal xD but fun one of the other things I enjoyed about the game was being able to create your own tanks (sooo many options)
  5. Here is a free 2 play RTS which is really good fun you can enjoy a large portion of the game without spending a penny http://www.battle.net/account/sc2/starter-edition/ StarCraft II EDIT: Another great RTS I forgot to mention was Warzone 2100, opensource and totally free http://wz2100.net/
  6. I used Tricky for a while, didn't realise TrickyT was already in use nvm lol stopped using it now, Looked good with 2 Tricky's in game (renegade) xD My bro has a stalker in renegade, they add 99 to the end of the name. Wouldn't be so bad if the persons sniping was as good but he/she are shite haha imposter. Have also seen another dub in clash of clans
  7. These are the first few console games I ever played Sonic The Hedgehog (Master System) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgJGAs0rfnk Columns (Megadrive) Wiz 'n' Liz (Megadrive) Mortal Kombat II (SNES) Games above were so much fun at the time best games I have ever played are 007 Goldeneye (N64), Timesplitters 2 (PS2), GTA San Andreas (PS2) & C&C Renegade (PC).
  8. played the map about a hour ago and have to say it was nicely done
  9. would have been fun to see it as a final boss to fight or something similar
  10. lol sla nice idea and looks good for co-op pegasus Ai or human controlled?
  11. Turns out be a commercial lol still made me laugh, 1st video looked genuine xD
  12. really like what you done with the map :thumbsup:
  13. And the happy shopper award goes to Fr4gg0r xD that's alot of guns
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