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  1. I prefer the original red alert over OpenRA. OpenRA's game is just way too slow. They still haven't added a game speed slider last time a checked like a month ago.
  2. Eye's Open: MPFdblaney1 Eye's Closed: MPFdblaney1 Whoa I did it.
  3. Yes renegade gets bottlenecked by the cpu more than it does by the graphics cards on most pc's. Make sure you get a good one.
  4. Please no on the MPF_Islands. I would rather have vanilla Islands than that.
  5. lol. Happy birthday Kick.
  6. Change the beacons back to the original way and fix the Eva voice and maybe I'll play it more. Right now its no though. I would also change the the building designs to be a bit less overdone. The extra lights on the obelisk look too gaudy. Same with the stuff all over the refineries. One last thing that bothers me. The tiberian dawn obelisk sound is really out of place in the renegade x. It really should be using the renegade one.
  7. dblaney1

    renegade OMG WMD!

    Its definitely him. He said he would be coming on teamspeak this weekend.
  8. dblaney1

    renegade OMG WMD!

    Yes he did. So excited lol.
  9. dblaney1

    other I found WMD

    Can't be WMD, he didn't quit the game lol.
  10. Late on this but Happy Birthday miketoady
  11. What game is this for. It doesn't say in the title or the post. CS:GO? Edit: Nevermind the tags have CS:GO in them. You should add it to the title.
  12. All of these should be like an hour long event rather than a whole weekend. They just don't make sense for a whole weekend. I would either do an IK weekend or no weekend at all.
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