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  1. Bye Guys :(

  2. Red Alert 1 Online on cnc net

    I prefer the original red alert over OpenRA. OpenRA's game is just way too slow. They still haven't added a game speed slider last time a checked like a month ago.
  3. Color whited out

    Check you video settings in the ingame options menu your contrast setting is definitely turned up. It actually doesn't show up in the screenshots.
  4. I want to play a game [Part 2]

    Eye's Open: MPFdblaney1 Eye's Closed: MPFdblaney1 Whoa I did it.
  5. Help

    His addon graphics card died and hes using the onboard VIA graphics processor that hasn't had drivers released in like 6-8 years. Its infamous for not working with a lot of games and random crashes. Most likely a certain shader is used on those maps.
  6. Help

  7. Yes renegade gets bottlenecked by the cpu more than it does by the graphics cards on most pc's. Make sure you get a good one.
  8. Bug on C_C_Gobi

    Fixed it.
  9. Please no on the MPF_Islands. I would rather have vanilla Islands than that.
  10. [Birthday]Oldmofo

    lol. Happy birthday Kick.
  11. Launcher broken

    It should auto update you to 4.2 but if it doesn't you must download it. In a few days we will be making it mandatory to join the server. Imperials maps will soon be using features that require 4.2 to function.
  12. Launcher broken

    RIght click and run as administrator. If that doesn't work download the final 4.2 installer. http://www.tiberiantechnologies.org/files/tt-scripts-4.2.exe
  13. Scripts help

    http://www.tiberiantechnologies.org/files/tt-scripts-4.1.exe Here you go. Install this.

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