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  1. No I will still contribute to that.
  2. Confirming that I am resigning as well.
  3. Miblet!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Imperial you gotta make the zone a lot taller. The spot where the player sits in the harvester is what triggers the zone.
  5. I prefer the original red alert over OpenRA. OpenRA's game is just way too slow. They still haven't added a game speed slider last time a checked like a month ago.
  6. Change the main body text color. Its completely unreadable on the mobile site. Put it to the default.
  7. Check you video settings in the ingame options menu your contrast setting is definitely turned up. It actually doesn't show up in the screenshots.
  8. Eye's Open: MPFdblaney1 Eye's Closed: MPFdblaney1 Whoa I did it.
  9. Still doesn't explain how the player count went from 11 to 0 in a matter of 10 minutes. That entirely can be blamed on skip not being available.
  10. How about the server actually being empty right now because of no skip. Its clear that not having it is 10 times worse than having it. Meanwhile Rencorner has 52 people.
  11. don't add it yet. Let them comment about it. Right now a simple yes and no poll is more useful.
  12. I was just gonna have it pick a random weapon for weapon from a character in the purchase settings similar to how arms dealer works. This is already implemented on my veteran system which will eventually replace the current one.
  13. I think just fix the vet system so it doesn't give the spy like 10 timed c4 when it gets promoted. I actually wanna redo the weapon grant thing so that it gives IK weapons instead of the stock weapons on his map anyway.
  14. I can make it so the sensor arrays put the arrows over them even if they aren't stealth. I had this tweak in before but I never ported it to 4.2 when we moved from 4.1 to 4.2. Other than that I would prefer them to stay the way they are. If you don;t want them in your base then just put one mine on each door. It only takes one to kill them.