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  1. @WhiteHorse Hey, it was fun seeing you in-game again I remember you and BlackHorse from exactly four years ago (I only recently came back too). Getting games going is kinda hard now, different people like different maps and people easily leave if things don't go well while player count is still low. As for cheaters, things can look weird at times (just general renegade issues and the fact that people all over the world play on a US-based server, which results in some people having a high ping, depending on their location). There's a few people who call everyone and everything a cheater. After 4 years even I am still being called a cheater (Even though there are people who I can't kill because they always HS me no matter how I move, yet they are "skilled"). Some fun memories: https://youtu.be/RoXXlSdUSy8?t=48 https://youtu.be/3qZ7ASgpzHw?t=100 Plus I hope you don't do stuff like this anymore (Read the full description of the video if you don't get why):
  2. I used handbrake in the past for transcoding, but I don't want to lose too much quality on these. And high quality encodes take too long so I just upload directly Thanks though. Sup!
  3. Dunno, still have traumas from this : https://youtu.be/BAC_mdDMISk?t=25m50s
  4. Saying hi. Was cleaning up my harddrive and found some recordings from last year. Figured I'd finish uploading these as much as I can (It's several hundred gigs though, so it might take a while). Watching these makes me want to play again, so I might drop by soon. Here's the playlist (Will get updated in the next few weeks):
  5. You might want to take a look @ http://www.renegadeforums.com/index.php?t=msg&th=40069&start=0& Guide is for Linux, but most things (other than the installation) should be similar.
  6. #1 If there's a global rule against tunnel nuking/ioning, why is there a need for that rule to be repeated for some specific maps? If people only happen to read the map-specific rules, they could think it's allowed on other maps. #2 I would like a clear answer if ledge-nuking on Glacier(TS/Flying) counts as tunnel nuke/ion or not. #3 Like Arif did with Tropics, there are several maps where people can get on buildings using adrenaline, 2-man wallhops or other jumps (if you know how). Is it possible to disallow placing nukes/ions on places where you can't (easily) get to by foot? #4 Might be related to #3, but on maps where the airstrip has the ledge/stairs to walk on it, it is possible to jump through the window. You can use this to place the ion in a difficult spot or to jump down and possibly evade mines at the front door. Nod already has a (huge) disadvantage on these maps as they need way more mines to cover their ass (Hand of Nod), so I have mixed feelings about allowing this. #5 Please disallow spy-spamming, it's nothing but annoying.
  7. Heads up, C&C Pacific is completely broken now. Everyone crashes because of Object ID collisions. (And at the moment no one can play and there is no mod to end the map :<). Please take it out of the rotation (or fix it if you can, I really like that map xD)
  8. I don't know when/where/how I got these, but here are the skins I use (.dds only). I do remember that I made the reticle myself. (There was a similar one, but was bigger, so I made a smaller one). dds.zip
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