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  1. No Text in Ren? :s

    I had it too after a restart... first it was looking all well :S https://betanews.com/2017/04/11/how-to-rollback-and-uninstall-windows-10-creators-update/ try this link - after that i got it working again
  2. No Text in Ren? :s

    I believe it was the Windows 10 Creators Update... I've set my windows Version back to the point before the update (under Windows Updates) and it seems to be working now again. Strange.... Thanks for the many help on IRC n00b
  3. No Text in Ren? :s

    My Problem is, that i've got no Text on Ren! I can't see what i'm typing and the Send Button is empty. Same in the buy menue... I've got no prices, names, etc.... everything empty... :S I've recently made the "Function Update" from Windows - maybe it's because of that or is ren broken or ?
  4. Ping test ALL the Servers o/

    from Hamburg ^^ (where i was on vacation/holiday) Atlanta (Internap)30 Gbps 123 ms64.94.238.13 Chicago (Premium)100 Gbps 131 ms216.52.148.4 Dallas (Internap)20 Gbps 154 ms66.150.214.8 Denver (Internap)1 Gbps 162 ms72.5.102.10 Frankfurt (Internap)20 Gbps 23 ms31.186.250.100 Los Angeles (Internap)20 Gbps 169 ms66.150.188.101 New York City (Internap)30 Gbps 102 ms63.251.20.100 San Jose (Internap)10 Gbps 168 ms66.151.138.9 Seattle (Premium)50 Gbps 159 ms208.146.44.100 from Home: Atlanta (Internap)30 Gbps 153 ms64.94.238.13 Chicago (Premium)100 Gbps 139 ms216.52.148.4 Dallas (Internap)20 Gbps 161 ms66.150.214.8 Denver (Internap)1 Gbps 170 ms72.5.102.10 Frankfurt (Internap)20 Gbps 48 ms31.186.250.100 Los Angeles (Internap)20 Gbps 190 ms66.150.188.101 New York City (Internap)30 Gbps 129 ms63.251.20.100 San Jose (Internap)10 Gbps 196 ms66.151.138.9 Seattle (Premium)50 Gbps 162 ms208.146.44.100
  5. New Renegade Division Leader

    Gratz r3s ;D
  6. Hey

    Heyo, nice to see you running around here HS
  7. SlowBurno

    awww so sad to read this. all the best for his family to be strong. RIP
  8. Server Update!

    i can't join tried it 20 times :S Restarted the Modem, PC, ... :/
  9. WNxServer

    lol just saw this ^^ thanks guys ;D
  10. AOW or Marathon?

    i don't know - for me, Marathon is something, what is standing still and i would get bored after some time. I think it's better to keep the server as he is. Rencorner is for Marathon - UAOW is for the usual rotation and this are the last 2 Servers who have players. Move both to marathon would mean theres no difference and my opinion would be to keep that difference.
  11. IRC Registration with Nickserv

    ^ I didn't get an E-Mail. can somebody might re-send or accept? xD
  12. Lagging ingame

    Thanks everybody for the reply :-) I've just cleared up my HDD, got an SSD with 128 GB, had just 3GB left. Now I've got 10 free. Also I've defragmentated the Disk. The test 5 mins ago was successfull! Hopefully, it won't happen again when i go on playing xD but again, thanks everybody Cheers, Serv.
  13. Lagging ingame

    Hey Zunnie, hey guys I don't know, but i think it started when you changed someting at the server ~3-4 weeks ago or so. I haven't had any lag on the server before, but now i do lag terrible... the ping says i've got ~140-170, but it's nearly unplayable... Does any1 have any idea? Zun? ^^ Cheers, Serv.

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