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  1. iran cheating

    aaaaaaaha, thought it got restricted coz mine stopped working xD didn't pay any attention to it to get it back working, coz i thought it was "wanted"... well... then i can add that again xD
  2. iran cheating

    well, the default one turns red aswell ^^ the only thing i could see is the "clearscope" stuff. i think it's usually not allowed - had it in my renfolder years ago and it stopped working, maybe coz of restrictions... but didn't mind... this one still works - soooo no idea, if it's normally not allowed.
  3. Map Requests & Map Discussions

    C&C_Arctic.mix C&C_Cairo.mix C&C_Garth3.mix C&C_Miracle.mix C&C_MutationRedux.mix could add these Maps to the rotation I've tested them - everything looks fine. I've also tested Cairo last time on the test-server. killed several PP options and funded them back - didn't work that well, but server didn't crash unknown disabled the funding for that map.
  4. Renegade survey

  5. No Text in Ren? :s

    I had it too after a restart... first it was looking all well :S https://betanews.com/2017/04/11/how-to-rollback-and-uninstall-windows-10-creators-update/ try this link - after that i got it working again
  6. Agt Launcher/ Ob Gun for vet points?

    imo that would be too much powerfull stuff. restriction of 2 base deffs would be better - coz the DeffSpam on Rep.Fac. is really shit sometimes.
  7. No Text in Ren? :s

    I believe it was the Windows 10 Creators Update... I've set my windows Version back to the point before the update (under Windows Updates) and it seems to be working now again. Strange.... Thanks for the many help on IRC n00b
  8. No Text in Ren? :s

    My Problem is, that i've got no Text on Ren! I can't see what i'm typing and the Send Button is empty. Same in the buy menue... I've got no prices, names, etc.... everything empty... :S I've recently made the "Function Update" from Windows - maybe it's because of that or is ren broken or ?
  9. 10 Second IONs/Nukes at Renegade

    Why that? on one side you get told they should be there, they make us unique, but then there not... If it's because they spawn to often then? These Maps are all hard covered by base defenses, most likely hard to get a building down anyway with that. But if there will anyway be soon a limit, then there can be that beacons too.
  10. 10 Second IONs/Nukes at Renegade

    (just a side note - it's always funny that ppl. who play less on the server defends it.) when you play that much like me, you realize it, that they fuck up after some time. jeff had the last days always many 10 secs... it really got out of hand... so many maps just ended by that 10 secs... on D3 Maps they don't appear - why that? maybe map over to early then with the "beloved" maps?
  11. 10 Second IONs/Nukes at Renegade

    well, this sounds better, if it is limited to 1-2 max. It would also be good, if there would be a sound and message who picked up the ion. (would make it more interesting for the defending side and the person who gained it. Then it won't be that easy to plant that thing anymore and make it more a competition.
  12. 10 Second IONs/Nukes at Renegade

    just had a map where 3 went on a Light with a 10 sec. they didn't manage to disarm it. (Fee was on the enemy side too (very good player) and with her 3 went to defend - they still didn't made it...). In my eyes this is too OVP! Why the hell did we even make the Long Las more weak? This is like the same. I'm playing really really much in the server and my experience tells me that it's not okay. Too OVP and to hard to get disarmed and ruins some nice rounds where everyone getting pissed off.
  13. 10 Second IONs/Nukes at Renegade

    No, they aren't "originally" Part of the game... but yeah, on a big Map with a Team 6v6 - without base deffs it happens that the base is left alone sometimes... i have tried to disarm one once, but there wasn't really a faster disarming. (maybe a little little bit) and then tell me - if some1 is defending and needs to check 4! Buildings first where the ION is?! don't tell me you have enough time... absolutely not
  14. 10 Second IONs/Nukes at Renegade

    I need to start a discussion about this weapon. In 19 of 20 cases you aren't able to disarm them! They ruin just the whole map coz the enemy team has no chance anymore... just had a good example - Map started - GDI 10 sec and killed the NOD ref... This is just bullshit... So I wanted to ask the majority here what everybody thinks about removing it. (Long Las has been made ages ago less OP too...)
  15. C&C_Vile_Facility_D3 - Balance between NOD & GDI

    nobody kehrs, nobody kehrs.... at least this should be fixed....

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