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  1. @altair - does that help you?
  2. Still a small Community is around About ~10-20 players daily. Sometimes more, sometimes empty xD
  3. Nice to hear always good to get players back to keep it alive would be sad if it would die out 😮
  4. not sure what is going on with my IRC... searching for fixes..


    1. WNxServer


      hey trumpet - it's a generall issue - on Chatbox shaitan already replied :D

    2. trumpetbum


      ah... I didnt see that.. thanks!


  5. hi... IRC won't let me connect.. i get this


  6. dat Photoshop skill is Level 100! 😮
  7. The problem is, this spot is glitched! And it's not easy to enter to disarm. It's like the glitch you can get on top of ref. If you don't know how to get into there, you can never disarm that beacon there. It's not a usual spot you can get to. Pro's know it, but the 0815 Player doesn't. The stair is to get on TOP of air and not into that glitched spot inside the tower :s
  8. Hey, want to have your suggestions on the nuke at this Spot inside Air, where is no elevator. technically it's a glitched nuke/ion in my opinion, cause you can't get in there that "easy peasy..." I would have that cleared out that this is an illegal beacon. Your thoughts? PS.: you can't even disarm from the spot where i'm standing there or even jump into, as the wall is too high.
  9. I believe the direct answer is, that we can't change this basic elements. Same like GDI Med and Nod Light tank 😐
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