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  1. Vile Facility Questions

    I was in there nearly at the end of the map and got told over pm - i've asked where and who - gained no answere what i can remember. With beeing busy with playing it isn't easy to have an eye on everything everytime, but i can just say, we will try to do it better next time ;o
  2. Tanks Not Aiming

    well, at GDI it's even more easy. The AGT doesn't even shoot when you sneak to PP lol - so i won't see a problem there... with mines they can't even enter... at gdi they can ^^
  3. Tanks Not Aiming

    well, on Siege i doubt its easy to get PP from there - OB is faster than you and hits you. Only way is if you are lucky and ob doesnt hit you well, you can survive from behind and get into pp.
  4. Happy Birthday Comancheiv

    Happy B-Day nub @Comancheiv
  5. Hello Everyone

  6. 55 people in game

    Yes, that was always that what i said! And I'm glad that it is soooo successful Moments like this are making me proud Thanks to @unknown who had the trust into me *yeeeeey* (and @Cronus, @Genesis2001 & @alexrirak who decided to go that way too ) For the future, i'll keep this as Master-Rotation and will just do some little adjustments by time Serv.
  7. Killing server with his own mine

  8. yes what is what

  9. Happy Birthday WNxServer

    Haha thanks guys the b-day hurts a little bit... turning from 29 to 30.... :S D: D: D: D: D: ^^
  10. Merry Christmass Everyone :)

    Merry Christmas
  11. renegade Rotation update December

    done haha no idea ^^
  12. renegade Rotation update December

    Ok, will do that when i get home xD atm I‘m in Vienna, so no access to PC :$
  13. Here's the updated rotation for December based upon feedback from last month's likes and dislikes. Serv.

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