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  1. Still a small Community is around About ~10-20 players daily. Sometimes more, sometimes empty xD
  2. Nice to hear always good to get players back to keep it alive would be sad if it would die out 😮
  3. need to get it back into rot! thanks for the input trunks!
  4. It's already confirmed. https://www.pcgamesn.com/command-and-conquer-remastered-red-alert & https://www.ea.com/news/details-command-and-conquer-remastered
  5. Hello Folks! We would like to climb on a new Level of our rotation. For the next one, we would like to get some more input from you all! As many of you already know - we have this new Maps Section at Renegade Forum. What we plan... We would like to have every input from you into there. Then will consider every map you add to the Maps Database and you've suggested here. We will play the map, check balance, etc. and decide, if it will make it finally into the new rotation. So.... Happy Posting Serv.
  6. Cool, I'll might leave a reply aswell. btw. @trunkskgb i saw your work with adding some maps today - thanks & good job!
  7. @trunkskgb & @MasterCan can you may add a bigger Picture to the Map? I've tried to get that one out and put it into the description, but it's small - you can't see much on the small pics - the bigger the better, so i get more feeling and into the map which it is.
  8. is it also possible to do the !cshaddow command?
  9. Put something into the Map Database, so it is in there for our next review of the rotation
  10. upload in the Download-Section and you can add a Link to the Map Database
  11. Hey Folks! We've just created a new Section to have a better overview over the Maps which we can add to the rotation. It would be great/nice/awesome, if everybody would help to make this Section big, so we gain more difference again It's under the Renegade Forum, as you've might already noticed. Here's the direct Link: https://multiplayerforums.com/games/renegade/maps You can add every information you want. Pics are required. Maybe a little video would also be nice - might @>>NF<<HAVOC has some stuff out of his streams During the time more and more maps went out of my head... There are soo many tons of maps, but after long time, you just forget about them... I can remember some Maps, but just don't know the Names, lol... So the map is lost 😧 ^^ There's also a Rating for the maps. If we all put in some time, this would help us a lot to gain a new funny rotation Additionally I'll might pick out 2 ppl. which can add their input on the rotation Serv.
  12. I'm so sad and still hope it's something that he went underground again or so. He has done so much for Ren, he will never be forgotten and we give him the honor by continuing this holy game ❤️ I've known him since the days back in WNx. Can't still believe it. 😭 Serv.
  13. Cool Map, we should have it in our rotation
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