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  1. Moderator Guidelines

    Morning guys, has anyone got an overall guide to mod setup, responsibilities and commands as I'm completely new to this aspect of Renegade. I have installed and set up MIRC and Teamviewer (haven't quite figured how to set this one up) and despite having followed the help guides from R3 and Unk I'm not convinced I've accessed all the appropriate channels. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated
  2. Help me identify a map pls

    Thanks Roz I think that's the one
  3. Help me identify a map pls

    Morning Guys, does anyone know the name of the map that has the large circular perimeter track running above both bases, It is a flying map and also has a tunnel network connecting the two bases, I believe the GDI base has an old aircraft carrier close to it, would love to see it in the rotation again, cheers, Wob
  4. How & Why MPF?

    Becoming part of the MPF clan was all down to natural selection, the lesser servers fell by the wayside and became extinct, simple as. I do have fond memories of UNrules, met a lot of good folk on there, but I believe there were a lot of internal struggles that never got resolved. MPF has brought a breath of fresh air to Renegade with new maps and a new approach to an awesome game. Nothing else to say except thank you all
  5. The Anti-Cheat

    Guys I might be a little late jumping on this band wagon, but I feel that I need to say my piece, the turning on of the anti cheat mode is probably the best thing that could possibly happen to the server, when you look at the quality and teamplay that the majority of the MPF clan members and other non clan regulars show in their daily gameplay, why should we worry about unscrupulous player no longer joining. Thanks to the hard work of all of the Administrators, Developers and everyone else who contribute we have a place where we can play unique renegade maps, ok some of the new ones may initially have bugs but they are normally quickly resolved or the map is removed from the rotation, If you don't try something new we would never move forward and we would spend the rest of our renegade gaming lives playing field or under, so how about giving a bit of credit to the guys who are trying to move us forward. On the actual gaming front I have absolutely no problem being owned by someone who is legitimately a better player than me, I know my limits and I can honestly say I have never used a hack in all the time I've played (over 10 years), not even out of curiosity. How many times have you thought in game WTF!! To be honest I would rather play an organised tactical game of 8v8 with trusted players than a 20v20 game of mayhem, wondering how the hell I had been shot. I don't think the majority of the dodgy players contribute financially to the server so how would we lose? I see it as a win/win situation. to look at it another way quality is better than quantity Putting on my Kevlar vest now ready for the responses Happy gaming guys
  6. Ridgeline

    Awesome map well done

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