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  1. Please for everyones benefit include this map in our rotation, it has been one of my favourites since I first played it, there's so much going on in here
  2. RIP Zunnie it was an honour and privilege knowing you, although we only met via the media of headset and keyboard I was deeply saddened when I heard the tragic news. The renegade community along with the others you were associated with have lost a legend, your dedication to helping others was equally matched with your patience and attitude. I'd like to think you've possibly bumped into Spoonplex up there and the two of you are working on some pretty amazing stuff for when the rest of us pitch up. Farewell friend
  3. thanks bud, all the gear and no idea eh lol
  4. I know they are big, but I am old and blind
  5. Becoming part of the MPF clan was all down to natural selection, the lesser servers fell by the wayside and became extinct, simple as. I do have fond memories of UNrules, met a lot of good folk on there, but I believe there were a lot of internal struggles that never got resolved. MPF has brought a breath of fresh air to Renegade with new maps and a new approach to an awesome game. Nothing else to say except thank you all
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