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  1. [Poll]Do you have Ark: Survival Evolved?

    I was considering getting it, because it looks really cool. However the reviews on Steam say that online gameplay sucks, because good players will rape the beginners.
  2. anybody play this?

    No planning has been made but im only available from mon to thursday in the evening (dutch timezone). Im having an internship now so i dont have much time and in the weekend im at home (my pc is at my college house or whatever u call that)
  3. anybody play this?

    I think its a pretty fun game. Got it on a steam sale with all dlc. If you get it ill be happy to play an online game vs ai or something. Havent played it in a bit so i probably suck.
  4. renegade NewMaps Trailer by Griever

    Looks nice and I'm in it
  5. Bug found.

    This also happens very often with the gdi daimler. If you get airborne and land on a flat surface like the images above you get stuck for no reason aswell. Getting airborne is quiete often since this thing is so fast that even wheb youre just normally driving over a hill and get to the top its already enough to get you stuck
  6. Mice: Wired vs Wireless

    It was meant as a joke. The actual input lag is so insignificant that you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Though I don't recommend a wireless one just because you need to change the batteries.
  7. Mice: Wired vs Wireless

    True pc master race people use only wired to fight the input lag.
  8. mpf Red Alert APB: Bomb Interception WIP Preview

    Lol dat sakura comanche level map layout. I'm just curious as how that map layout would be useful in multiplayer?
  9. renegade Community vs. MPF Moderators

    Wont be able to make it. There's a so called 'kermis' at my town. Dutchies will know what i mean
  10. How & Why MPF?

    Was asking zunnie a question on irc. One thing came to another and then I started helping him.
  11. USB3 Problems

    Yeah sometimes usb3 ports like to screw around. I had a similar problem with my laptop (also windows 8.1). I tried reinstalling drivers aswell but it didnt work. The only thing rhat resolved my problem was complete reinstallation of the os.
  12. Searching a hud

    Puh if it was up to me i'd ban every custom skin even your spongebob c4 > so cheaty
  13. renegade Support Bots Fixed

    Hehe I could make them so good that they make you cry.. Just give them a ramjet and they will own your ass. Some examples: calculate heading of object, looking on what floor the bot is standing (so it doesn't walk on tiberium), max damage output calculation based on it's weapon bag and it's opponents bones.
  14. [Poll]Renegade Coop?

    You can make it multicore and if u put my resources into this then we would get a coop result that is much better. However i got my hands full atm. EDIT: in fact the new newmaps plugin already makes use of it with its irc bot.
  15. renegade Stealth Weekend | Unban-Spree @ MPF

    Yeah lol, that skin contrast is much higher than the original one. I say advantage skin aswell.

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