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  1. Playing Renegade X Full HD MAX Settings 60 FPS :D

  2. Thank you guys! Wanted to apologize for my inactivity in the game but the school is taking all my time and I'm only getting free on weekends, but when I have some free time I'll be there in TS3 and Renegade
  3. Yes, for now we do not have the game on Steam. We downloaded cracked to test whether it was really good and then buy. Strange that I can get into other servers least in the MPF. Well, then problem solved. Thanks Zunnie
  4. I tried and failed, I need to get Steam?
  5. Adding the IP by favorite the same thing happens ...
  6. I was trying to play with my friend Tutek in the CS:GO MPF server, but we're both not getting into the server. This error appears: Connecting to public ( ... Server using 'public' lobbies, Requiring pw no, lobby id 0 RememberIPAddressForLobby: lobby 0 from address Grace retry request is unreserved server ... Retrying public ( ... Server using 'public' lobbies, Requiring pw no, lobby id 0 RememberIPAddressForLobby: lobby 0 from address Server request approved grace ... Retrying connection to, server requires lobby reservation but is unreserved. Received game details information from us1.csgods.com ... How do I solve this?
  7. Karine I Love You.

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