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Everything posted by Manuel857

  1. Manuel857


    @bad2gurlz ❤️
  2. omg, i remember that too! Good times.
  3. Wow.. I’ve known zunnie for over 10+ years. Great guy who loved to chat, code, and play games! I will miss him dearly. My condolences to his family and friends during this difficult time. RIP buddy.
  4. Happy Birthday you old bastard
  5. how about some 1v1 @ CVS ;p
  6. yes but for gaming, PC is always better than laptops ;p
  7. Thats why PC > laptop anyday!
  8. You could've just posted this in r3s's topic
  9. Manuel857


    Happy Birthday zunnie!
  10. Manuel857


    Happy Birthday kick!
  11. CnCNet brought back up temporarily until we figure out a way to host it. So Drama is not quite over yet ;p
  12. Don't you guys have Renegade Imperial Age Launcher that will connect to the mpf server?
  13. Don't think I've talked to him before but I've seen him play here and over at rencorner. It's a sad day in the renegade community. RIP
  14. Manuel857

    More epicness

    Haha I miss those 30v30 games.
  15. Happy Birthday BULLVIPE! Hope everything is going well with you and MUM! P.S.: I need my dinner!
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