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Everything posted by unknown

  1. perhaps it would be better to put each tips in their own topics https://multiplayerforums.com/forum/534-tips-and-tricks/ with images/videos
  2. think you mistake me for someone else
  3. I will have a look for you later
  4. @trumpetbum what exactly is the problem you are having? I saw you connected successfully to IRC.
  5. try it again, Cronus removed the module that. forces ssl
  6. unknown


    Hello @bad2gurlz Welcome to MPF. ps @hesh94 is noob
  7. Another prehistoric advanced civilization (fiction) Ancient
  8. No framing, It dosn't work it dosn't work.. It's a nice program Ran as admin same problem
  9. People can be pricks, try not take it too personally
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