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  1. I kinda dislike it when there's no time limit because the game can go on forever! One time I played a map for 5 hours straight x.x
  2. Happy bday you filthy creature!
  3. open: GirlsPwn closed: gorldpeb ...NAILED IT
  4. ONE DAY LATE NOOOOO!!! Still I wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAAAY! Hope you had a blast with your family
  5. Neither! Dont spend money on such unhealthy things you should spend it for something MUCH HEALTHIER! Like you should totally donate the money to this forum... C:
  6. Happy B-Day! Hope you spend an awesome 34th birthday! ;D
  7. Awwww yea I aint the only one thats into animes!
  8. that ugly horny hooker lying on the ground and he...
  9. GirlsPwn


  10. Thanks everyone! Yea SmallButDangerous is my dad x)
  11. Hii im new to this forum but I recognize soo many names! I used to play Ren like 5 years ago but then stopped for like a long time but when I started playing again...BAM! Freakin awesome Newmaps server got me addicted again <3 Anyways hope i will get along with everyone on this forum
  12. ...but he grew tired and decided to chew his balls
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