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  1. Or Spam... whichever. Tomorrow, I'm off to Marine Corps Basic Training. Figured I should let you all know I will be 100% inactive for the next year to two years. Thanks for all the good times and games, keep up the good work here, and play nice as always. Please keep TCW going and good luck on all your new projects. God bless all, SS67 (TCW / Ren / TF2)
  2. Welcome to the Asylum. Follow the yellow line to receive your complimentary fried fish and spatula.
  3. @Slammer, I think all testers or testery types should play for the sake of knowing their stuff about the game, as well as testing the new version. So consider "Playing" as being tantamount to "Testing".
  4. where are you nuppie :(

    1. SgtSavage67


      Eh, sorry, lost in the ether lately. Mostly working out and prepping for leaving for basic in October. Though I've been playing some TF2 and CNC3 in my spare time, that's about it.

    2. Bazil


      come back to tcw boob

  5. SgtSavage67

    renegade Random

    Can someone make that plane flyable? That would just be awesome. Like a recon plane.
  6. TCW Nuff said. Okay fine, I like Ren, and TF2, AND C&C pretty-much-everything. <<THAT's why I'm still here.
  7. The cooking is *talking* to me... (How am I the only one who finds this strange?)
  8. SgtSavage67


    Welcome to the party. You play Half-life, so you can't be all bad.
  9. Regardless, her point is a solid one. You want a nonsense thread, make one. Any thread with a solid defined purpose should be reserved for that topic. If the topic becomes misdirected and nonsensical BEYOND HELP (Like this one) or has been resolved fully (Like this one), then closing it is good and logical to keep the forums clean and organized. Once again, - The main point of this topic has been discussed and resolved. - This Topic has gone off the skids and is no longer keeping to the point. I vote we CLOSE IT.
  10. Plus, seriously, the label becomes obsolete after a while. Topic is titled something like: "A Frank Appraisal of Fracking", becomes an in-depth topic on Cat pictures on the internet. Why keep that topic going? Just make a new one, sheesh.
  11. Woohoo! That is AWESOME! I knew our servers were popular but DANG!
  12. Marine Delayed Entry, HOORAH! So, service-to-be in other words, not much to celebrate, and no tattoos either... But Jimer's absolutely right. You really don't know what you're missing until you talk to a recruiter or a prior service-member. Think about it.
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