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  1. Vote poll for more time?

    sudden death mode idea was actually tried a year or so ago....it failed miserably. I think it lasted about 3 days before being removed.
  2. SBH/LCG Bird.

    Sounds like @Cronus when he gets out of bed in the morning!
  3. Unused Vehicles characters and weapons?

    Your gonna have to explain a little bit more there sir.
  4. Testing availability

    I voted for you. But my nobody cared about my vote.
  5. Suicide vest

    I haven't seen the vest in action. I didn't know it could kill a building, just units around it. We talked about the ss spies, but never came to a conclusion about it.
  6. Hi my name is...

    WHOA! he lives! good to see ya!
  7. Rotation update (August)

    I think the only ppl complaining about to many IA maps is you and Rackz...
  8. Do you play Renegade-X?

    Tried it, didn't like the gameplay that much. Big dissapointment
  9. C&C Alpine, need fixed version

    I think the current one is fine. it is more challenging, and more fun to play. We had the Aline_night version in at one time, people hated it. Turn your brightness down when you get to that map, and it will be just fine.
  10. Map Requests & Map Discussions

    The map EKISLAND(think that is the spelling) has small issue for the airstrip. Tanks and including the Harvy do not leave the strip. So if you purchase one and you happen to be on the other side of the map, it will most likely get destroyed by the next tank coming in before you get there. @Pwn Call @r3surr3Ktx
  11. repairing vehicles

    This isn't rencorner...
  12. The Chicken (Updated .Zip 7/18/2016)

    This is awesome! We should have chicken only weekend!
  13. Hello from GReeNeYe

    Welcome! Thanks for coming to the forums!
  14. Hi everyone

    Welcome Triangle! Good to have you here
  15. Hello All

    HI! Welcome

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