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  1. I remember the horsemen. I would always q-kick the both of you for team stacking.
  2. Wow, about the same for me. I've been playing for 16 years, so I guess I started in '04. I was in college my senior year and my wife was expecting our first child. I worked 45 hours a week, went full time to school, had a wife, so Renegade was just a release from the life for awhile. Just gave me time to chill and relax. Now i have 4 children and have to fight for the computer. 😀 and don't get to play as much.
  3. Lets try it out. Always willing to try new things
  4. I'm voting no. It is the same type of situation as someone shooting off screen or under the map. Sure you can get a tank and go out there, but most of the time, could get you several times before you could make it to kill them. I say it would cause folks to RQ because they cant get anything done.
  5. @MorDos still plays quite a bit and @rohirrim6plays on Apex a lot.
  6. LordGalyen


    Awesome changes! Now we just need some players....
  7. now we just need players....
  8. Wow a little late to the party here. Funny thing is I actually remember when that happened. Everything seemed normal from my point of view when that happened. Kind of cool though! Although, I'm getting a little tired of these little punk kids calling cheats for everything. I get called a cheater on a daily basis these days. Getting ridiculous. Here is a thought, LEARN WHAT A CHEAT ACTUALLY IS OR SHUT UP!
  9. Its interesting you post that particular subject. You accused me of being rude the other day when I was simply trying to help you. You had gotten a spy crate. After I asked you about it, for some reason you misunderstood, or didn;t listen. Then you rudely blasted me through PM about how rude I was and how I was a jerk. I was simply trying to help you understand a ss soldier is not the same as a spy. then you RQ before I could explain further. I just think its funny, you talk about rudeness.....
  10. Dominion used to PM me all the time. if you ignore it, it will stop
  11. @trunkskgb Havent played ridgline in a long time. Any chance of getting that back in the rotation?
  12. LordGalyen is my nick thoughout the years. I used a couple of other ones, but we dont need to discuss those.
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