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  1. Its interesting you post that particular subject. You accused me of being rude the other day when I was simply trying to help you. You had gotten a spy crate. After I asked you about it, for some reason you misunderstood, or didn;t listen. Then you rudely blasted me through PM about how rude I was and how I was a jerk. I was simply trying to help you understand a ss soldier is not the same as a spy. then you RQ before I could explain further. I just think its funny, you talk about rudeness.....
  2. congrats Wolf! Best thing that ever happened to me was becoming a father!
  3. Loved talking to Zunnie. He always asking me to join TS or or test something for him. Zunnie, thanks for all the good times on Renegade. You helped the game, kept it going for so long and provided a place for us to have fun and get away from the troubles of life for a short time. May you rest in peace. You will be greatly missed. Prayers for the family.
  4. The sad thing is, you had three mods in game. They all should have known that it is not allowed. and yet, they none of them did a thing the whole game
  5. WHOA! he lives! good to see ya!
  6. Tried it, didn't like the gameplay that much. Big dissapointment
  7. Welcome! Thanks for coming to the forums!
  8. Welcome Triangle! Good to have you here
  9. LordGalyen


    Happy Birthday Mate!
  10. Hello Hawk! welcome back buddy. Congrats in the baby! it will keep you hopping.
  11. Thanks Kick for all you did! We are giving R3 the big head, there will be no living with him after this... congrats! don't ban me pls!
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