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  1. renegade Screenie I found

  2. Your gonna have to explain a little bit more there sir.
  3. Hi my name is...

    WHOA! he lives! good to see ya!
  4. Hello from GReeNeYe

    Welcome! Thanks for coming to the forums!
  5. Hi everyone

    Welcome Triangle! Good to have you here
  6. Hello All

    HI! Welcome
  7. Kickmofo

    Happy Birthday Mate!
  8. why hey hello

    Hello Hawk! welcome back buddy. Congrats in the baby! it will keep you hopping.
  9. New Renegade Division Leader

    Thanks Kick for all you did! We are giving R3 the big head, there will be no living with him after this... congrats! don't ban me pls!
  10. Been someone that has suffered?

    I appreciate your service. I try not to take that for granted, and I try to teach my children, to be thankful for those who have fought and/or died for that freedom. I will miss you on Ren. Your a great player, have a level head, and are fun to play with. If you ever need to chat, just send me a PM.
  11. MPFCheryripe

    HaPpY bIrThDaY Chery!!!
  12. SlowBurno

    WOW, that is sad to hear. Slow was a good player and fun to have on TS. R.I.P You will be missed
  13. IRC Help

    Thanks @r3surr3Ktx
  14. IRC Help

    Geneis, I was putting in the remote sections. and R3, that didn't work either...

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