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  1. 😢Loved Dethice. He was always so considerate. He would always greet me with Hello Friend, how you doing? Very Sad to hear of this. 😢
  2. Not a bad map, the brightness is crazy high, but its a good map.
  3. Better then field, but its still field.
  4. its good if you are on Nod, but other then that not well balanced.
  5. very balanced. Fun map to play on.
  6. A lot of fun on this map. Ive seen both teams play well on this map.
  7. Its ok, but not a favorite. BTW: the video is not the same map as the pictures or title.
  8. Its a good map. well balanced and good playing.
  9. horrible map. Camp fest and really hard to rush with the defenses.
  10. ends fast, it needs some defenses.
  11. Not a fan of maps that bases are really close.
  12. not too bad. its a decent map with some good features. The colors are a bit much.
  13. Hate this map. turns into camping.
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