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  1. I remembered that today, according to superstitions, is an unlucky and gloomy day, Friday 13. I seemed to know that today is definitely not going to be a happy day. And I was right when, after returning back to home from work and switching my computer on, I saw this post about Zunnie. Even if his death is not a truth, I am going to save this anyway, because he REALLY HELPED A LOT. With Zunnie and Unknown I made the impossible in my life possible, and it was dedicated GameSpy server with one of my mods. Not so long ago, I wrote a whole instruction on Russian about how to install own server with new maps, modifications, additional content, scripts. At least, I already helped somebody to make own server. I am also not sleeping sometimes while programming games and mods, while composing music, while making drawings and other stuff too (well, I am not drinking coffee a lot, but still). If you need to make something specific that somebody will enjoy, you need to work very hard. And that is what Zunnie did, for a whole community of Command & Conquer fans. P.S.: Coffee time! Bye, mate, I will miss ya!
  2. Uplink established, connection checked. So... greetings again, ladies and gentelmen, I've released the next album from me. Pretty good one, I think. It is from 2014. Nintendo style with original instruments and remakes from C&C 64 OST made by Frank Klepacki. Thanks for listening! Over and out. http://download.ccassault.com/cnc64memorial.zip P.S.: Still uploading music on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhO5i1eH5Ah6gyM2V_mTja1ZIary9bp3P- making music since 2008.
  3. Oh, my brother brought the same kitty as this some years ago! Now his "combat" cat jumps, rushes out of the corner, and scratches very well Brother named him as Mars, but I call him Karl Marx because on "X" cat will react anyway.
  4. May be I am, in foreign community. But not in C&C Renegade. Certainly not, hehe
  5. C&C Renegade - come and get some!

  6. This is undocumented experimental feature, also just an effect when your engine is almost destroyed. But you still have a chance to not crush when your VTOL is repaired in flight.
  7. Also I created a room in irc.multiplayerforums.com (#cnc-assault). Feel free to ask and cooperate with somebody while playing in our official server of the modification (
  8. First I wish to say, that I apologize for any misunderstanding on renegadeforums.com, maybe I broke all rules of security, and admins banned me in the past. But now I have my very big project Commando Assault, and a lot of fans and comrades, and new equipment, and server for online-play. For now I'm not such an active user of any forums or blogs. But be sure, I will answer to any your questions, including my project and a whole work of Westwood3D engine, my contacts are listed on my webpages and in my MPF profile. So have a nice day and enjoy my works. GraYaSDF is back =)
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