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  1. 1) You won't be able to run our maps due to custom code and a custom objects file we inject server-side. 2) In general, you'll want to have a clone of the whole ttfs under your "(server_dir)\Renegade\FDS\" folder and then run "PackageEditor.exe list" from a console window that's running from your server directory. This command will give you a list of packages available in the server. Then you would need to assemble the tt.cfg configuration correctly so that each map loads the right packages. 3) Like I said above (#1), you will not be able to run our maps without our code or objects file which are closed source.
  2. Our maps don't work anywhere but our server, not even LAN. This is due to how our maps are configured to run on our server.
  3. Looking into this now. Recently migrated files to another server.
  4. Those maps use the Domination game mode in Dragonade.
  5. Are you connecting through the GSA tab? If so, you need to make sure your Settings are configured right. (Options -> Settings) You need: 1) Path to your ren executable (with scripts 4.x launch through "UAC Launcher.exe" and your scripts packages will auto-update from TT; should be game.exe or game2.exe otherwise) 2) GSA tab: Set a nickname as seen here: If you're playing via WOL, fill out the WOL tab with valid credentials (including serial, username, and password).
  6. This is a piece of metadata for query systems (i.e. renlist). See the "website" option on the left bottom of the image:
  7. First match was on n00bstories, had no clue of the renepolitics at the time, don't kill me please. Ended up getting !forcerg'd for bigheads for a lucky stealth headshot on Cliffs against a havoc from across that huge gorge area.
  8. Are you trying to edit imperial age maps? Because you won't get far because a lot all of our scripts are server-side.
  9. Paging @unknown and @gkl21
  10. Currently in discussion/planning. Thanks for the suggestion.
  11. Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/427520/ Price: $20.00 Game will likely never go on sale. Developers are transparent, though, and set their game's price low enough that feels acceptable to most. Overall, the game is technically in alpha; however, the game has an extensive modding community behind it that continually adds new content to the base game.
  12. Thanks for your donation @newtown19!
  13. In the past, I had created a "zerobug" console command (for St0rm's servers at the time) and this was fun to do to people. Cheating? Have fun not doing any damage or scoring any points.
  14. If there's no poll limit for adding time, then make the additional time shorter - ala 5 minutes.