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  1. Hello People!

    Hi there! Welcome to MPF!
  2. Come Join Us on Discord!

    We're migrating from TS to Discord officially, so come join us there! Link: https://multiplayerforums.com/discord This link will not work in the Discord client. So click it and sign into the Discord website to join the server. We are currently exploring integrations with the forums and Discord as well.
  3. Inventory of broken downloads

    Please use the following topic to document which files are broken.
  4. Link broken downloads here

    Please list any download that isn't working. Please keep it to one link per post. Known files: + Imperial Age client download (literally bad URL).
  5. MPF Keys.cfg Installer

    Looking into this now. Recently migrated files to another server.
  6. How do i host control point maps

    Those maps use the Domination game mode in Dragonade.
  7. How do i get on (first time setup)

    Are you connecting through the GSA tab? If so, you need to make sure your Settings are configured right. (Options -> Settings) You need: 1) Path to your ren executable (with scripts 4.x launch through "UAC Launcher.exe" and your scripts packages will auto-update from TT; should be game.exe or game2.exe otherwise) 2) GSA tab: Set a nickname as seen here: If you're playing via WOL, fill out the WOL tab with valid credentials (including serial, username, and password).
  8. renfds/brenbot error

    This is a piece of metadata for query systems (i.e. renlist). See the "website" option on the left bottom of the image:
  9. programs Crash

    Are you trying to edit imperial age maps? Because you won't get far because a lot all of our scripts are server-side.
  10. Something went missing...

    Paging @unknown and @gkl21
  11. What is your religion?

    Science does not try to deny god. It seeks answers through nature and the physical world whereas you may seek answers through spirituality. There are many scientists who are spiritual (and many whom aren't). Some seek answers through the physical world to prove God (or A god) exists. The big bang theory (not the TV show) is one such possibility. Then again, who also created God to create the Big Bang? Science and Spirituality both serve the Human need to solve our own existential purpose. It's sad and disturbing to see both perverted to the exclusion of the other (disclaimer: I fall somewhere on the science side of this debate due to recent perversion of Spirituality in politics).
  12. forums What are your thoughts on the forum layout?

    Still pending feedback, but for a better feel of grid vs. traditional, I've restored traditional layout for the time being.
  13. See poll question. Please provide any details below as well.
  14. Have a degree?

    No degree here, yet. I'm technically 3-4 classes away from a basic associates though. My major is Physics (Astronomy inclination) and math. I haven't finished it up because I've been having severe trouble focusing on the math to be able to pass the classes I need to take.

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