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  1. Paging @unknown and @gkl21
  2. Currently in discussion/planning. Thanks for the suggestion.
  3. Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/427520/ Price: $20.00 Game will likely never go on sale. Developers are transparent, though, and set their game's price low enough that feels acceptable to most. Overall, the game is technically in alpha; however, the game has an extensive modding community behind it that continually adds new content to the base game.
  4. Thanks for your donation @newtown19!
  5. In the past, I had created a "zerobug" console command (for St0rm's servers at the time) and this was fun to do to people. Cheating? Have fun not doing any damage or scoring any points.
  6. If there's no poll limit for adding time, then make the additional time shorter - ala 5 minutes.
  7. A poll would probably function to add a fixed amount of time onto the current map.
  8. Science does not try to deny god. It seeks answers through nature and the physical world whereas you may seek answers through spirituality. There are many scientists who are spiritual (and many whom aren't). Some seek answers through the physical world to prove God (or A god) exists. The big bang theory (not the TV show) is one such possibility. Then again, who also created God to create the Big Bang? Science and Spirituality both serve the Human need to solve our own existential purpose. It's sad and disturbing to see both perverted to the exclusion of the other (disclaimer: I fall somewhere on the science side of this debate due to recent perversion of Spirituality in politics).
  9. brenbot's polls should really be fixed while we're at it... it's disabled right now because broken apparently. @unknown or @gkl21 please fix it whatever is broken that @unknown said is... #------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # Voting Settings # Settings for BRenBot's voting system #------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # Set this to 0 to disable voting, 1 to enable VotingEnabled = 0 # How long votes should last, in seconds. VotingPeriod = 120 # Enable / Disable the different types of votes here. 1 to enable, 0 to disable. Voting_Allow_Change_Nextmap = 1 Voting_Allow_Gameover = 1 Voting_Allow_Kick = 0 Voting_Allow_Balance = 0
  10. I'll just wait for the company to crash and burn and start charging for Discord when they can't make their server payments.
  11. You also need to edit your hosts file to point "master.gamespy.com" to the gsa master for ren ( for the server. For the client, you should be using RenList unless you also want to point your own PC's hosts file to use the gsa master (though this isn't recommended as it could break other games that still use GSA).
  12. I don't get Discord. It's UI is horrible and you still need to download a client negating the only benefit I've seen (web client). Plus you're never disconnected completely from a server.
  13. RTS != FPS. They're balanced completely differently. Renegade never really got that. It's also one thing I hated about APB/Reborn/etc and the two who left us that maintained ImperialAge for so long. They all balance things for an RTS game, when it's an FPS... /rant I like the idea of having a delay for buying buildings back after they're destroyed. Also, I don't know if this is allowed, but maybe also disable funding an already alive building.
  14. forums

    Still pending feedback, but for a better feel of grid vs. traditional, I've restored traditional layout for the time being.