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  1. Help... Crash

    Not sure who that was directed at but that is what I use, the game/map loads to 50-75% then I get the bing and error. Any1 know of a good dmp file reader?
  2. Help... Crash

    C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Renegade\Client\ttfs I'll give that a try and see if anything changes for me ETA: Well that didn't change anything although mine wouldn't crash when updating or downloading, just loading the next map will do it for me.
  3. Help... Crash

    I get that error everytime now and it usually is the 2nd or 3rd restart that will get it to go through. It has only started since I updated to win 10 and only happens on one pc, other pc also has win 10 and ren and doesnt get that error. Not sure if its coincidence or what just have been too lazy to try a fresh ren install.
  4. Color whited out

    I've messed with them a bunch moving the scales all around its always off in one way or another. Even when its set to dark its looks like it has a white fog over everything. One of these days im going to try a different monitor just to rule it out next step will be trying the on board gfx card instead.
  5. Color whited out

    Sorry, I didn't make it clear. In the screen shots it came out normal. So when you look at the images that is how I would expect it to look. In reality though everything is alot whiter and my view distance is not anything like the screen shot shows. Just to reiterate the screen shot does look normal but that is not how it actually looks coming across my screen. I will take a pic with my phone later to show you what it actually looks like on my monitor. So in that first picture the ridge behind the wf was whited out where as in the pic it looks normal. Just took this of course the map I was on was looking pretty normal but you can slightly see what I am talking about on this screen, The green areas on the borders of each box look like I have the brightness setting turned up. Even still its hard to make out in this pic.
  6. Color whited out

    Whenever I play renegade on one of my pcs the backgrounds are extremely white, anything in the distance is whitewashed and everything appears as if brightness is turned all the way up so I cant really read the chat etc. I tried taking a couple ss but when I open the image it appears normal. Any ideas? I tried a clean install and no change I am thinking it has to do with the monitor or perhaps the gfx card? I have no issues with other games or programs though. heres one of the ss that shoudl have showed the whiting out. Maybe Ill take a pic with my phone later to show. Any ideas or anyone run into this before? In the image below on my view the closest mountain is whited out and everything looks like it has brightness all the way up.
  7. Renegade_Installer.exe

    I have a slow connection so before I download, is this an installer to replace the cds?
  8. renegade TT Update 4.1 - Mandatory!

    Looks like the updater works...except I had alreayd installed it manually at least that error is gone now
  9. renegade TT Update 4.1 - Mandatory!

    Thats a no go, all renegade and renlist were already allowed, I added the updater but that didnt change anything. I get that message when the game goes to load not when renlist is loading. Tried switching those settings around didnt change :/ Its the first day maybe some1 will find something
  10. renegade TT Update 4.1 - Mandatory!

    I got a bug too it seems or there is a server issue somewhere. When I opened ren I got the message Whe I clicked No it exited, when I clicked yes it loaded the game. At that point I got the Ultra msg telling me I need to download the patch and goto tibtech website. Did that manually installed no prob. However everytime I start the game I get that msg now I can click yes to proceed and can play without a problem. That error is anoying though and I'm not turning off my firewall for that. I made sure the games were allowed throughfirewall though. win 7 pro x64
  11. What's Your Fav Website

    http://www.dudelol.com/ http://sluggy.com/ http://explosm.net/comics reddit... o wait news....I use the radio for that
  12. I agree it gets old fast, but it was only one weekend. It did make the gameplay strategy alot different though
  13. Show your computer location

    Admittingly I dont use the bigscreen for renegade but how could I not include it
  14. Version


    Half Life 2 repair gun, I took this from renegadeskins.net made by Dragonst0rm


  15. Your nick?

    Im super creative!!! B is my first initial, adam is short for adams...my last name I made this back when I started playing ren multiplayer maybe 8-10 yrs ago. I only use another nick when myne is taken and it usually results in some lame name.

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