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  1. Note:do this at your own risk and dont modify ANY other file not mentioned in this article So you try and set up a gamespy renegade server but you see this then in your searchbar in the start menu or next to it type notepad %systemroot%/system32/drivers/etc/hosts right click notepad %systemroot%/system32/drivers/etc/hosts and click run as administrator and click yes on thebox that pops up now copy this text (one line at a a time) below: master.gamespy.com master.udpsoft.com and paste it into the file the file should look something like this now save the file and close the window now type restart in the server console window and it should look like this now(you may have to restart your pc) and if you look in renlist you should see your server this proves i dont have to use brenbot for my server to work properly why this works is because windows redirects it to which is renmaster.cncirc.net every time it trys to access master.gamespy.com and master.udpsoft.com NOTE:you may still have to forward ports such as 27900 NOTE: this should work with any FDS server NOTE:This should work for any windows machine that can run a renegade server
  2. although regular renegade x runs out of vram (fixed )
  3. *Disclaimer: i couldnt get the setup program working so if you do this extract game( i used 7-zip http://www.7-zip.org/download.html) files from the installer package or install from a different pc to a usb or sd card; so i have this e-machines running windows-vista 32-bit sp2 , 2-gb ram, Nvidia Geforce GT 430, Intel pentium D@3.00GHZ , we bought it around 2010 and i like messing around with old pc's so i used played renegade x black dawn on low or medium settings but today i wondered could if i go any higher so i set the performance to Highest and to my surprise it wasnt lagging even when i shot my gun in the game although tank blasts do make a tiny lag but not alot!
  4. i am making a map right now i cant upload it until i get permission from grayasdf as it uses content from his modpack

    1. n00b7


      HI! in my map there were funny glitches! like the harvester floating(the harvester just has the script dp88_buildings_functionmoneytrickle

      with params: creditspersec 5 and is not moving nor can the player get in it)

  5. n00b7


    ARF! ARF! hi there
  6. I need help leveledit.exe won't work on windows 10:(!

    can you zip up any registry keys that fix this problem?

    if so that would be great:)!


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. r3sur[r3Kt]


      He would not have replied anyway as he has left the community.

    3. n00b7


      when did he leave?

      why did he leave?

    4. r3sur[r3Kt]


      Before Christmas.

      Rage quitted and went to set up another commuinty (again) (which failed)

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