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Everything posted by >>NF<<HAVOC

  1. >>NF<<HAVOC

    Frank Klepacki & The Tiberian Sons LIVE

    watched the magfest stream of that
  2. >>NF<<HAVOC

    New Extended Renegade Map-Database

    if anyone want s a clip of a particular match i can try to get it for you also i been meaning to do more map showcases also by the way is a place to get all the fusion maps so icna check them out tcw maps which ones work in reg renegade would the domination cnc3 map work what are some map packs and where are they? i got ubermappack buti know there are others that might have one it doesnt have are there more then just one generals themed maps
  3. >>NF<<HAVOC

    R.I.P. zunnie

    Sad times
  4. >>NF<<HAVOC

    Want to see something like this irl?

  5. >>NF<<HAVOC

    Epic fight to survive

    Here’s something to tide you over because no stream
  6. >>NF<<HAVOC

    Epic fight to survive

    he was trying to heal the shell i think
  7. >>NF<<HAVOC


    rushing the ob on canyon fortress
  8. >>NF<<HAVOC

    Kane lives!!!!!!!!

  9. >>NF<<HAVOC

    Stream highlights video

  10. >>NF<<HAVOC

    Stream highlights video

    15 clips from a stream on newmaps and jerad2142 clip 2 months ago
  11. >>NF<<HAVOC

    Stream highlights video

  12. >>NF<<HAVOC

    the cinematic taht played during tib pit 3

    how did this happen
  13. >>NF<<HAVOC

    the cinematic taht played during tib pit 3

    how did you play it
  14. >>NF<<HAVOC

    Stream highlights video

    a assortment of clip from my streams what improvement can i make? also anyone know good free music making software so i can make a 8sec jingle or whatever for the first 8 secs?
  15. >>NF<<HAVOC

    Stream highlights video

    i guess i could do that
  16. >>NF<<HAVOC

    Tanks Not Aiming

    it also happens on forgoten town when looking at the bunkers by the base entrances at hand and bar
  17. >>NF<<HAVOC

    Social Media Alternatives?

    https://www.instagram.com/nfhavoc/ just made a post a couple hours ago what is your instagram
  18. Iron City: a map by trunkskgb a playlist of both times yesterday that we played the map as both sides
  19. >>NF<<HAVOC

    Social Media Alternatives?

    I upload things like screen shots and short clips to instagram and longer whole matchs and streams videos to youtube i am also active on subreddit of commandandconqer in reddit i also make very few actual twits and kinda post tumblr
  20. >>NF<<HAVOC

    Hello, by Wezza

  21. >>NF<<HAVOC

    Need test samples for stats class

    I got a statistics class group project where we are comparing ages to the amount of words you can find in 3 mins. Please answer age/words.
  22. >>NF<<HAVOC

    Hello Everyone

  23. >>NF<<HAVOC

    The hover rush from earlier today

    1 min of The assault of the nod base
  24. i am in group project in a stats class would this be ok to post here the survey here

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