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orca234 last won the day on April 8 2015

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    Martial arts
    Graphics and Web Design
    Image Editing
    Final Fantasy

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    Command and Conquer (RTS)
    Renegade / W3d
    Unreal Tournament
    C&C TCW
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    orca234, 0rca234, ArtyWhore

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  1. orca234

    R.I.P. zunnie

    I'm so suprised! I was only chatting in game with him a few months ago. I seriously did not expect this. I saw the title of the server on Renlist which lead me here. My condolences to his family and friends. He was in important part of Renegade as RoCkStAr pointed out.
  2. orca234

    tcw Tiberium Crystal War 2.0 Update News

    WTF! Looking forward to the Avatar it will be F****** awesome!
  3. orca234

    MPF Keys.cfg Installer

    cool, just been looking for this!
  4. orca234

    I would like to play Renegade again

    Wikid, nice to see someone who played ren way back. Welcome
  5. orca234


    Nice, good to see ya on here.
  6. orca234

    MPF Promotions Applied!

    Sorry to hear Roszek and Mauler have gone but did they have to leave the forums too Congrats to MDK and everyone else.
  7. So, I've just sorted out my desktop and installed Windows 8.1 so will back in game... so beware Basically my laptop messed up when it was doing a Mcafee virus scan and the power went out (forgot to keep it charged like an idiot). Now I need to format the hard drive and install windows again. I decided however to sort out my desktop which has had problems for a long time. Now I will be In game with a much more powerful comp and I will be able to play RenX which my Laptop is not able to run
  8. orca234

    renegade UltraAOW Imperial Age Weekend

    I would of played but am currently in the process of sortng my comp out.
  9. orca234

    renegade UltraAOW Imperial Age Weekend

    Cool, I will try and be there when I can.
  10. orca234


    Just had a raz on your map and it's quite cool. I like how the harvesters go around that hill instead of just one way. I also like what you did with the Tib Field with the crystals, maybe have a tiberium texture under it, and also a texture for under the river like a rocky texture. I noticed that Nod vhicles do not drive off the Airstrip after you buy them.
  11. orca234


    The screenshot looks like it is a nice looking map. It's also cool to see you are also using some of my skins XD
  12. orca234

    Renegade FPS Lag Reduction Package

    Cool dude, will try these out.
  13. orca234

    GDI Titan Model

    Nais! Will be cool to drive it on ultra aow someday.
  14. orca234

    renegade Who says Mammys can't go OFF-ROAD?

    How the hell did you get it up there?

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