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    fishing, gaming, much more and WOMEN!

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    Command and Conquer (RTS)
    Grand Theft Auto
    Renegade / W3d
    Unreal Tournament
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    shawbonator OR andyshaw

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    Aren't hot........



    Tick tack toe...lick my toe :)..


    Sorry guys just wee bit bored...  Wish I could play ren on my phone lol

  2. Why can't i drive APC well

    If you require driving lessons I'm happy to give you them. At a fee if £15 per hour
  3. Hi all

    yo dude welcome i use to play world of warcraft back in the day! until i found out about renegade haha. alot less time consuming ren but in a way i find more fun! in my opinion anyway, looking forward to seeing u ingame dude,
  4. childish isnt the word

  5. How to/What to use to make Maps?

    Im baccck ..lol BTW iv asked Captpo0ed ........... That stoner knows nothing lol haha
  6. How to/What to use to make Maps?

    Hi, i am interested in building/creating some maps. Could anyone please give me some advice on what tools to download etc. Much Love, Shawbonator... al be back..
  7. Any other Games out there

    hey, just wondering if their is any other games apart from Unreal Tournament and Renegade (WHICH ARE INDEED BOTH LEGENDARY GAMES!!!! *possible Ren for me tops it) ...any way back on topic lol. just wondering if their is any other games out their which you guys MPF host?. Is their a topic in the forum which you discuss other games which could be one day hosted by the god all mighty MPF! haha I do have a few old classic games which are a dying breed... just throwing it out there Chow
  8. hi all

    hey, TY for the kind welcome any tornoments going on any time soon
  9. teamspeak

    thankyou very much for this reply. will be trying it out now. ty again. .. shawbonator!
  10. teamspeak

    hi, im having trouble finding your teamspeak channel. Could someone please help me with this little problem. thanks...the Shawbonator!
  11. hi all

    hi, just joined the forum, from England UK. i was introduced by CaptSh!tHead ...just thought id say hi. Oh BTW my names Andy. im 25. Nice to meet you all. Kick ur asses is game. any way if youse ever having a tormentor let me know.

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