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  1. BattleRealms

    hi, anyone played this old classic before? use to be addicted to this game back in the day! still got the BattleRealms special box edition with the Expansion pack included (winter of the wolf). If anyone has played it which Journey was your favourite? Grey backs, Kenji's ect... Was a long game to complete, all the Journeys/skirmish missions where quite cool. Use to love playing online versing people.. its a shame its not online anymore! ORR if anyone knows where it is played online still PLEASE let me know! Iv had to download another version (old version) of windows onto my computer along side my origional windows just to play it again lol. Oh btw for those who dont know its a PC game. anyway, enjoy your gaming!
  2. Game pending then timed out

    its cool now its working guys.... Now theres 0 players on lol. bad timing for me, i will make sure im on during prime playing time next time! anyway nite all.
  3. Game pending then timed out

    hi all, can anyone help me with my little problem please. It keeps saying Game Pending then timing out. I can see the match time at the bottom ticking down and then it kicks me out due to timing out. Anyone got any suggestions to help me please. Thanks, Andy.

    Aren't hot........



    Tick tack toe...lick my toe :)..


    Sorry guys just wee bit bored...  Wish I could play ren on my phone lol

  5. Why can't i drive APC well

    If you require driving lessons I'm happy to give you them. At a fee if £15 per hour
  6. Dear Renegades

    Rockstar.... Are you ok dude? That post... Wow... Are you Ok?.. Like sh!t dude... Are you ok? If you need to talk to anyone I'm not the best but I do have ears/eyes and fingers all of which I can listen, read and type back dude.. Please don't take this message the wrong way. evil is all around us.. But life is what we make of it and who we surround our selves with affects everything.. In my opinion. Hope your ok dude. I don't know you on a personal level but Sh!t dude! Are you Ok? Again please don't take this message the wrong way, I have a brain injury(had major brain surgery twice) and some times what I say/type don't come out in the best way. Anyway, hope all is good with you and everyone, peace out!
  7. Hi all

    yo dude welcome i use to play world of warcraft back in the day! until i found out about renegade haha. alot less time consuming ren but in a way i find more fun! in my opinion anyway, looking forward to seeing u ingame dude,
  8. Rotation Update April

    But on the other hand... added some great maps possible poll to see which ones stay and which ones go? oh and which ones come back
  9. 15

    holy shinola!!!! 15 years!!!! 15 years... holy shhhii,,,,, wt.... lol long live renegade. its around a year for me give or take a couple of months. i thoroughly enjoy the game. some time short but sweet sessions but very satisfying haha. in the coming months i shall become a donator once i manage to sort my current financial status out. again, congrats ladys and gents!
  10. Rotation Update April

    hmmmm, now i see why there is so many maps appearing online i have not seen/played before. Some good new maps guys! keep up the good work. hopefully see you ingame soon to kick your butts haha
  11. childish isnt the word

  12. How to/What to use to make Maps?

    Im baccck ..lol BTW iv asked Captpo0ed ........... That stoner knows nothing lol haha
  13. How to/What to use to make Maps?

    Hi, i am interested in building/creating some maps. Could anyone please give me some advice on what tools to download etc. Much Love, Shawbonator... al be back..
  14. Any other Games out there

    hey, just wondering if their is any other games apart from Unreal Tournament and Renegade (WHICH ARE INDEED BOTH LEGENDARY GAMES!!!! *possible Ren for me tops it) ...any way back on topic lol. just wondering if their is any other games out their which you guys MPF host?. Is their a topic in the forum which you discuss other games which could be one day hosted by the god all mighty MPF! haha I do have a few old classic games which are a dying breed... just throwing it out there Chow

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