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  1. im kind of a irc noob and had no idea things like this was even around . for such a long time I never used irc-mirc as I had no idea what it was how to sett it up or how to use it and know I am maybe not alone . maybe there are many forum members that would also find this good as it needs not installing or settup from them they just click and away they go in to irc land . heres some info on mibbit widgets http://wiki.mibbit.com/index.php/Widget other info on Mibbit http://wiki.mibbit.com/index.php/Main_Page Mibbit is an online chat client. Mibbit supports a variety of Platforms including most popular web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and SeaMonkey, to name but a few), Wii, Nokia N800, iPhone, with more under development. It does this without any special browser plugins. A Javascript-enabled browser/device is all that is required. Mibbit currently supports IRC and Twitter, with other protocols under development. You can also use the Mibbit Widget to provide a real time chat window embedded on your own website. for those guys that have no idea what .. Internet Relay Chat (IRC) .. is most of us use Mirc that looks like this and takes some setting up http://multiplayerforums.com/index.php?/topic/329-first-time-using-mirc/ I myself would find a easy fast forum link or button very usefull . would any other forum users also find it usefull to come chat in real time to each other or even us noob mods .
  2. anyone ever use such programs like game boosters such as https://www.razerzone.com/gb-en/gamebooster there are others but whats your thoughts . this is how they work ? Getting the absolute best performance out of your system and games isn’t rocket science but it can sure be tough to figure out. In partnership with IObit, Razer Game Booster is your simple yet powerful solution. All it takes is a click of a button, and it will automatically enhance the state of your system and focus all its resources purely for gaming, allowing you to zone in on your game the way it’s supposed to be played without wasting time searching online for the best game settings or configurations. Download ‘Game booster’, this program has a feature called “Game Mode" Which disables all programs except a few such as a game programs, music programs, anti-virus and ect. Most notable it disables all Microsoft services expect those which are required to run the game, this in turn disables all the services that use your internet connection in the background. This program can also motivate 5-15 more average frames to migrate onto your screen which can mean the difference between choppy and smooth.
  3. ......................................
  4. this is where all the men try not to cry .
  5. MDK


    I agree you seem to have a likeing for realy bright yellow maybe turn up your brightness setting to see it how we do . lol
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