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  1. Do you need all 3 keys to open the door? Only found 1 and it doesn't show in inventory.
  2. Would like to see an OB/AGT or 2. It's too easy to rush in with vehicles.
  3. Perhaps your settings? Renegade folder, click on wwconfig.exe, you have Video, Audio, and Performance settings (click Expert Mode)
  4. Nice small map. Usually ends fast. Only thing is that the front defences are too weak and too easily destroyed. The rear easily defended with mines.
  5. This makes us realize how fragile our existence is. Rest In Peace buddy.
  6. newtown19

    My PC

    Probably your power supply. If you change it, upgrade to one with more power. Get at least 500 watts. Should be in watts, not voltage.
  7. Budget cuts, ergo budget on a string.
  8. Yeah, GDI needs their version of NOD's mobile repair unit. Current version takes too long to deploy and isn't mobile like NOD's.
  9. I won't be able to make it. My cousin is getting married on Saturday.
  10. Allow, but I feel that most mods would pass/decline should they win.
  11. I am truly honored to be a part of this community. Thanks, everyone.
  12. You will need a USB cord to connect between your computer and the SSD drive. If the drive doesn't come with the software, you should be able to download it from the manufacturer's website. The software will let you clone your drive to the SSD. Then you just replace your original drive with the SSD. Took me about 1 hour. You can also just replace your hard drive with the SSD and just reinstall from scratch. This will take a very long time, and then you have to do all the updates, etc. Took me about 2 days.
  13. Make it so that anyone who buys a sbh this weekend gets an an unstealthed one.
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