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  1. Voted NO. A while back Mr glitch abuser was using this and i couldn't kill him. He would attack and then retreat to repair in the safety of the water.
  2. Need a lump of coal (death crate ?) spawn for all the naughty ones.
  3. That was me trying the !killgdiharv How would !killharv differentiate between the two harvesters? Or would it kill both?
  4. I will drive you if you sit on my lap, NOT
  5. Wish I was 30 again !!! Starting around 40, everything starts going... First you need bi-focals, then a little hearing loss, then this hurts, then that hurts, arthritis creeps in, you gotta pee more often, lots to look forward to ...
  6. Happened last night with seif. Player list didn't list him even though he was in game, there was no name on his characters. It skewed the player balance making his team have more players, at times it was 4 vs 2. I q-kicked him once, he rejoined but it didn't correct. Was like that throughout his stay.
  7. Please fix the crates. Most maps they only appear once.
  8. There are capturable silos on land, the planes are bombers (refill on your non-movable ships) and you try to destroy the enemy ships. I think there are 3 ships, and if a ship gets destroyed, you can't refill from it.
  9. I am memorizing all 1200+ taunts so I can use ingame.
  10. That's why I say that some maps need the mine limit increased. Also, is it possible to change the Hot/Tech limit of 4 proxies to 6. it's ok if you are mining a building otherwise it's a bitch running back and forth refilling.
  11. Also noted that on some maps, they are very accurate and on others, they are practically useless. Would like having a command to remove a turret or guard tower that is placed illegally. I have seen them placed in enemy base.
  12. There is currently no rule against building turrets in buildings. Should there be? I thought there was, as does a lot of other players. I mean, it does make sense. Had that problem on Desert Siege last night. A newbie placed a turret in Hand and in PP and GDI kept bitching about it claiming unfit mod, mod abuse, favoritism, etc
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