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  1. If Windows, try: Computer/Local Disk (C:)/Users/AppData/Roaming/Renegade/client/ttfs/files
  2. We are screwed either way, but Hillary is going to win because all the women will be voting for her.
  3. Probably your power supply. If you change it, upgrade to one with more power. Get at least 500 watts. Should be in watts, not voltage.
  4. I don't think it's the maps. It depends on the players and what effort they put in when playing a specific map. For example, Dust Training is a mediocre map to me, but I had one of the best games ever playing it a couple weeks back. With about 20 players in game, GDI killed the Air and was winning, I camped Hand and eventually bought back the Air, then NOD sieged GDI and came back from a huge deficit and eventually won. Everyone, even the GDI players said they had one of the best games ever. So I say, just keep rotating maps in and out. You can't please everyone. The only thing is maybe shorten the time limit on some maps.
  5. Thanks, man.
  6. Remove the map. All GDI does is falcowhore from that position. The damage from 5 homing missiles vs 1 arty shell that misses 1/2 the time is simple math.
  7. When you do !fund (a building) without a specified amount, all your money is taken away, similar to !td. Even if the required amount to rebuild is 10 credits, if you have 20,000 it will take it all. Was wondering if it can be automatically calculated to take just what is needed if you have more money than what is needed. I have done it myself and wound up paying $20,000 more than was necessary. I have seen others do it too. Last night, a player on the opposing team wound up paying more than $15,000 extra. I tried to !refund him, as that seemed to be the right thing to do, but was unable to. Also, when you try to !fund a non-building, ie the AGT or OB in Cold Waters (buildings without a MCT), it will take your money, say that it is rebuilt, but nothing appears. Can it be coded so that it won't accept money for non-rebuildable buildings?
  8. mpf

    Was wondering if a command can be added for a mod to remove an illegal base defense. An illegal base defense would need to be blown up and that can take precious time and resources. We have !disarm for mines and c4, maybe something similar?
  9. Centipede mines are considered mini-turrets. Same principle as when you place a turret or a gun-tower and that turret kills an enemy, you don't get points for that kill.
  10. Show everyone how to get up there. That way we can counter and defend or use it. Most of us don't have the time to experiment and find all these tidbits of information.
  11. Played GreatUnder yesterday. GDI harvester unable to harvest tib. Originally, no message saying I was harvesting, so I jumped in and out of the harvester a couple times. Then it said I was harvesting, but no tick amount shown ($100, $200, etc.). Another player tried, same thing. Unable to harvest. Don't know about NOD's harvester.
  12. In the games that I've played, I would say it's roughly 50/50. It all depends on who takes out the defences first. The rocket officer is too OP in my opinion. Stingers will kill any air unit. And there are too many places to hide.
  13. Budget cuts, ergo budget on a string.
  14. That's why I buy them purple pills.
  15. Dawn Raid map: Should put blockers so people can't get on top of cliffs. I was told it was legit because both teams could get up there with ease. I recalled it was discussed when Limado went up there.