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  1. I will consider moving some funding around when I make my donations to the main server in support of the Ren servers please consider firing up a Java version of Minecraft for cross platform players only if its feasible to do so with enough support. "Let me know how this develops.
  2. From my understanding Minecraft Java Server is backwards compatible ? to Windows 10 Minecraft client App? If I am mistaken ed I stand corrected. Suggestion: See about setting up a Minecraft server in Java server mode making the server more open compatible for all players on various platforms. Mincraft Java client is made for all platforms hwever Windows 10 App server is not backwards compatible to Minecraft Java client.
  3. Just a side note from research - It is my understanding that a Server running in native Java SDK format C++ coding platform that the Java Ver server setup is Backwards compatible for Windows 10 Minecraft, Minecraft PE though Minecraft Server running in native only for Windows 10/PE IOS is not backwards compatible to Minecraft Java edition. I understand and sympathize the idea to setup the server in Native Windows 10 /PE Ios was due in part that one would expect most everyone to be beyond the realm of Windows 7/8/8.1 however that is not the case for many I know are still reluctant to upgrade to Win10 or even 8/8.1 with valid reasons I agree with. So if the idea were to arise to make the change over to the Java Version of Minecraft Server please let me know for now I will attempt to get her on with either the Ipad. Thank you for your time and attention please try to have a ggood day on your end.
  4. Okay my question is this I see your direction is Win10/Mobile/Console Version am I to assume Console Version is Xbox Version ? she also has minecraft for IOS Ipad version as well her native desktop is an isolated Windows 7 64bit ver so I believe she wont be able to use her desktop version as that I believe is Java SDK run time let me know if and when a Java version will be supported please. Her Xbox is not authorized to be on my network I do not allow that so her Xbox version is out of the question. I like to monitor very close her in game playing not that it is of any major concern if she is playing on one of the community services however just the same I monitor her close. Option can she connect and play on her IOS Ipad version ?
  5. I just posted in other discussion about RileyBug playing she is all over me to ask so is this still up and running ? I just saw this discussion post sorry for the DBLS....
  6. She saw me on the forums a seen the MINECRAFT server and was asking about it can anyone elaborate is MPF still supporting Minecraft if so can she play ? Provide information for me to get her a link and connection if there is one up and running still. She is a Minecraft freakazoid she is all over me about asking... Funny I knew the kid that developed MINECRAFT way back in the day he was on IRC Undernet all the time asking programming questions while he was developing the game I should have took him up on his offer to help him in development but I was on a different trend in QuakeWorld.
  7. LordGaylen respectfully I wasn't being Rude as you put it, I did listen / Read .... what you said the other day the way you explained it to me in chat that I was a n00B your quote "Why do the N00bs always get the spy crate? I asked a simple question and you refer to more than 1 way to get spy crate or being a spy ? I was under assumption that when you get a spy crate your immune to base defenses ? that is the way it used to be anyways. That is what I was simply attempting to relay and you got utterly rude. When you want to call some one out then please try to be on the same page. Meaning when some one asks a question it does not require berating and being Rude to the questionnaire..... You being Rude to me in PM and open Chat in game was one of the reasons I posted what I did, I did not get Rude I am never rude with anyone in game in fact I am all about courtesy and respect for even the Most disheartening individuals... Now you may go on and defend yourself at that tune of You were not rude but never the less berating a player due in part they either do not know or have a question then the most Experienced player should always step up to the plate and try to help another GAMER, Player or as You put it N00b's to gain insights on the different experiences you have and try to help them understand an issue and or try to help them become a better player Berating or putting them down is unproductive and not conducive to the environment as I still am today at odds of Spy Crate. I will leave out any of the other disheartening comments you made out of respect for the Community......The above is the mild. If asking someone why they are being RUDE is being Rude then this discussion is obviously out of context now and guess what the Discussion is closed about being Rude as obviously there is a communication Gap and or breakdown between us.... You never asked me the conditions, I got THE SPY CRATE, since when does it matter what character you are at the time you pick up the Spy Crate..... Unless of course possibly you are an SBH? Who knows does anyone know ? So you have a nice day and have fun it's just a game.
  8. Agreed and you shouldn't have to put up with that kind of lingo you came to play have fun not be berated with negative lingo and sometimes utterly disrespectful nature. Unknown is right people can be pricks however people can change this type of behavior it is a choice not part of the human DNA it can be changed. It goes to the most important part of my post "Food for Thought if you have a heart:" However I know there are just some people who just do not care about other people in this world it's a shame......It saddens me how far over the past 35 years we as gamers have come to see some people are just never going to get it and for those whom chose to continue I say this you can't apologize for who you are, not that you would but guess what one day the tides will change you will be wearing the t-shirt prick and I promise YOU wont like the outcome pathetically you will have to endure this in your real daily lives and maybe one day in a game as they say "What goes around comes around."
  9. I just want to reiterate the introduction heading to this Discussion / Comment or otherwise RANT..... Respectfully should read "Why are some gamers so rude? I don’t get it, I really don’t".
  10. I've been playing online FPS games for years, in fact I started out with several of the very first FPS Games online yes online games like Maze War1973 , Wolfenstein 3D 1992, Doom 1993, QuakeNet, QuakeWorld, Unreal Tournament and many others "ON A DIALUP MODEM CONNECTION MIND YOU" before DSL /ADSL AKA Broadband was affordable. Some of you were not even thought of back then. In fact some off you may not know it many of the media sounds you are hearing in Renegade today are sounds that have been ripped from QuakeWorld and Unreal Tournament they have been around for over a 3 decades, yes they are that popular and just to be perfectly clear those main two games mentioned are still being played today around the world they have stood the test of time. UDP to QPort Baby.......Thanks to MR. Carmack.....It was a fun and invigorating beginning to Massively multiplayer online first-person shooters Gaming Online. Back in the days of dialup server gaming administrators and moderators did not take kindly to rude, obnoxious or otherwise less than desirable text or behavior of players. Nine out of ten times you would find yourself banned or otherwise booted from the server, however when myself and my good friend in Canada ran our own QuakeWorld server on a dialup connected game server accessible via around the world your name and DNS got black listed, our team would just gang up on you in game and make your gaming experiences really suck and without hacks or cheats. We would just log in with Qizmo proxy client force you onto opposite team and FRAG THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF YOU eventually you leave and not come back and if you did come back your gaming tactics and behaviors changed for the better "conducive to the environment" for our server of course this also meant we had to deal with server attacking if the right player knew what they were doing well that is a totally different manageable subject hacking someone back in the day was much easier than today and if you knew what you were doing you didn't get caught. Crashing someone's dialup modem was simple and easy a simple program called Aggressor could knock your crap offline in a matter of 30 seconds . "Today's Administrators and Moderators are more tolerant however there must be a thresh hold and there must be policing there must be a line of scrimmage a no tolerance point". If you guys remember, some of you won't or don't , back in the day it was the dominate thought that gamers were fat coke bottle eyed nerds. Living in their mothers basement’s, eating chocolate bars like a bad Eric Cartman experience on the WWW. If you mentioned gaming you were already deemed a nerd and a dork and would remain a social outcast until you did something exceptionally cool to prove your worthiness, which I still believe is a b.s tradition. As the times have changed it’s more popular to be a gamer now more so than ever. Back in the day we were questioning whether achievements, trophies and accolades ruined the FPS player experience and perhaps even tarnish a game depending on the content of the game. As Developers, Administrators and Moderators we all agreed that holding certain levels of accolades in any game does affect the gaming behavioral experience for all players including the ones whom have the highest accolades to the most inexperienced player we today have labeled N00Bs, somehow these players believe they are God's like Dag and Def only DAG and DEF certainly deserved the title as they not just were QuakeWorld & Unreal Tourney "GOD's" but they were also developers and they never ever let those accolades give them a big swollen heads, a right of passages to just be a rude, obnoxious and otherwise less than a desirable player or being an undesirable human being. The gaming community should not judge other gamers based on genitalia, sexual preference, age, trophy count" Accolades", color, race and anything that separates us in the real world. We should be tolerant, polite, kind and helping to more inexperienced players, unless of course you have that swollen head syndrome and you wouldn't want your accolades smashed by your PADWONS, that my friends is just being conceded and that is a very bad human trait, I personally wouldn't want you physically in my presence. -Think About that for a minute behaving a certain way in a game treats you to a look at being an imperfect human being with a bad trait in real life, a trait that you can change, owe the web's we weave in real life. Enough Ranting on Massively multiplayer online first-person shooters gaming history. What I have pointed out today is that some gamers are no better than the people who had outcast us back in the day and you give us a bad name. We were a family at one point. We all stuck together. Now we have factions and battle of the sexes with accolades to give us swollen heads. However as noted above when those undesirables reared their ugly heads well we dealt with them appropriately. So with all this said some of you will continue on your holeyer than thou moments in game "NOT REALITY", some of you will likely spit fire words or worse at me, slander me and otherwise continue with your in conducive behaviors in game but guess what after over 35 years of FPS gaming I have learned one valuable lesson. What I do in FPS gaming stay's in the game, what I do and how I behave in game is how I behave in the real world, some of you should think about this for a moment you might learn something and maybe find out you can be a better over all human being in real life. For me the unrelenting truth is I love FPS Gaming I only chose certain games to play I don't' play for the accolades for this particular game I am a US Navy Veteran, Retired Chemical Process Technician I am at home with this game Renegade, WE DONT WIN WARS AND RUN A POWER PLANT WITHOUT TEAM WORK there is no I in Team. For those of you whom carry pride in your KD Ratio's I applaud you however you should be told, it's only self serving NO ONE REALLY CARES......... Food for Thought if you have a heart: - We don’t know what kind of impact we may have on a person's life when random encounters throw us together so it's up to us to be responsible. You guys being prick's might be the catalyst to some poor kid killing himself when WE could’ve helped him all along. It is our responsibility to help each other. As gamers we should be united. From all walks of gaming life, we are all gamers and we should treat each other as such, with dignity, respect and otherwise conducive behavior to the environment . I play this game for relaxation, now if you want to try me out let's try QuakeWorld or Unreal Tournament you can pick the map and see who the Frags go to those games are second nature to me after 35 years, No I am not being CONCEDED, when you've been doing something for this long it's just second nature of course I don't really take the gaming as serious as I used to anymore that's what happens when you GROW UP........... Ripping a chapter from the 90's Have a fun gaming experience, it's just a game be kind rewind a bit stop being an undesirable human being its very unbecoming to the human race in general........ Let's see what the cat drags in..........
  11. My six yo Granddaughter is a total mine craft freak now "RileyGirl" Mine craft handle is RileyBug question is the mine craft server moderated for inappropriate content? and how if possible can she if I allow it her to connect to the server on her xbox 360 or her computer she does have a computer she is not as proficient onthe computer yet however she has that dang xbox down to a T me I can't use that controller I am old school QuakeWorld FPS I need a kb and mouse...Thanks for any feed back or info.

    1. zunnie


      I dont know nothing about the minecraft server. Talk to @Cronus or @Genesis2001 for minecraft please. I really have no clue, sorry :(

    2. Genesis2001
    3. Mark AKA MorDos

      Mark AKA MorDos

      Thanks I sent a copy to him.

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