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    my wife my son games and skateparks

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  1. does any one want a server for mechwarriors . I love the game and hopefully so will everyone
  2. mpf Welcome to our 600th Real Member

    thank you all for the welcome gifts and I will download and try the games lets get more people playing renegade.
  3. mpf Welcome to our 600th Real Member

    thank you

    free version, sorry what is IRC
  5. now i love renagade but!

    thx for the response and that does sound like a good step in the right direction. however the original campaign was amazing, something new would differently get more attention.

    so will minecraft be added to your server anytime soon?
  7. now i love renagade but!

    max of 4 players hard difficulty
  8. now i love renagade but!

    so I would like to know if it is possible to make multiplayer campaign on your lovely server, growing up I loved the campaign it was the first person shooter I was stuck on . {SO MY Q IS CAN WE MAKE THIS HAPPIN} {R}
  9. destructon of gdi and the wrath of KANE!!!!!!!

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