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    Video games, Yoga, sexy lesbian bitches

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    Command and Conquer (RTS)
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  1. Are we gonna do a memorial for zunnie like jellyserver did with SpoonPlex and Bears?
  2. Its a shame he never finished the CNC 3 mod he made back in the day, can anyone clue me in on why he stopped developing it? R.I.P
  3. I'm still stuck in that time when everyone was anonymous on the internet and everyone was just a username
  4. The taunt has been added thanks! now to get to donating
  5. Its just a name I call you for short, Also doesnt donating grand donator privileges like skins?
  6. Someone makes it so when you say the word ''toad'' It says ''I aint afraid o no quake!'' on the renegade server
  7. Holy shit thanks! I saw like 50 different pics in there!
  8. Everytime I use the Print Screen key it doesnt save in renegade, How do I do it?
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