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  1. Would you guys agree that it be cool if when you stole for example a Nod/GDI Officer DNA it would show red if you were on Nod (GDI officer), and gold if you are on GDI (Nod officer) ? I am considering making skins for all the characters to make that come true.
  2. Why were the CNC 3 maps removed? I know the creator stopped working on it but it was kind of fun.
  3. Can we bring back the old maps from vanilla renegade?
  4. I'm still stuck in that time when everyone was anonymous on the internet and everyone was just a username
  5. I might have another donation request some other time, this time it might include a whole new tuant!
  6. Donated 20£ to the server! Also shout out to r3surr3Ktx for keeping his end of the promise! So when I join now it will say ''toad donated to the server thanks alot!'' And be able to use skins?
  7. The taunt has been added thanks! now to get to donating
  8. Has it been added yet?
  9. Its just a name I call you for short, Also doesnt donating grand donator privileges like skins?
  10. 20£ the choice is yours rex.
  11. Someone makes it so when you say the word ''toad'' It says ''I aint afraid o no quake!'' on the renegade server
  12. Its a shame they ruined the game with run.
  13. Holy shit thanks! I saw like 50 different pics in there!
  14. Hope the majority of players are okay with more time poll, might turn certain games into a marathon server though which is what we like right?
  15. Everytime I use the Print Screen key it doesnt save in renegade, How do I do it?