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  1. Fun u bring that up cause ur the first i saw abusing that bug on tib waste map
  2. 15

    an old clanmate of mine joined server the other day he hadnt played for like 11 years then u know ur a nerd
  3. i think i was in that game with all those ions
  4. Nice SS
  5. or atleast remove the purchase terminals in it .. since silos is way closer to nod base its almost impossible to get there first
  6. ppl dont like alpine ?
  7. happy b-day booty  !

  8. he sounded younger RIP slow
  9. Gap Generator isnt working on Cold Wall map wonderbread discovered it me fear and zunnie can confirm its not working on this map
  10. renegade

    THX didnt even know it was a contest since i rarely go on forums congrats mask
  11. hi

    lol wyld but i rarely go on forums this is post 2?
  12. lol iraq i forgot about that cloack flametank rush nice fraps and fanatics
  13. App

    ty for good response
  14. App

    Ingame Nick: rohirrim6 Age: 44 Country: sweden my former clans +DoA+ on WOL GSE on Gamespy