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  1. Would be nice if some remasters will come from the old C&C games. Everybody wants a a new version of C&C 4 and a remaster of renegade will be epic! But EA wants to hear things like this: Yeah, I want to play Renegade Pay 2 Win Woohoo Red alert with microtransactions! Yeah, we want to pay € 70- for useless dlc and a shitty season pass.
  2. Really can't believe this terrible news. I had a lot of fun with Zunnie and becuase of him, i still play renegade on the MPF server. He was friendly to everyone and always trying to test some new things for the server. Now you Always can drink good and ofcourse you will made Renegade great in heaven, Zunnie
  3. Remember this match. Good teamwork at GDI. Lot of players were helping tanks with hotwires.
  4. Epic rush ! Good teamwork from GDI on that map.
  5. Happy Birthday mib! :happie:

  6. Brotherhood of Nod, Kane will save us from those gdi mags. Praise our leader, Praise Kane!
  7. Nooo! Thanks for the welcome comments guys!
  8. Hi everyone, I play for months renegade on the mpf server. The most players will know me from the IK maps, because I like to play with a nod fanatic . I played renegade 7 years ago on jelly (and noobstories, I think?) and now I have an account on this forum . In the glorious name of kane! Sharky89
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