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  1. Hi @WhiteHorse, Nice to see you are still around. Have you heard off the game Earthbreakers? Changes is great that it will be released this year and it looks like a new version of Renegade. Maybe this game will also bring players back to Renegade.
  2. @aaaaaaaaa only RQ on Apex now. @FRAYDO Apex and (most time) APB. Haven't seen @Jeff560BZHfr for a half year. Maybe @Captpo0ed plays on Apex (and Rencorner?), not sure about that.
  3. Yes the hills are a bit tall, but i was talking about the brightness of the hills 😂.
  4. I like the Iron City b10 version. Lost Coast has some potential but my eyes hurt when is see the hills (my eyeballs!!!!!) 😅
  5. Would be nice if some remasters will come from the old C&C games. Everybody wants a a new version of C&C 4 and a remaster of renegade will be epic! But EA wants to hear things like this: Yeah, I want to play Renegade Pay 2 Win Woohoo Red alert with microtransactions! Yeah, we want to pay € 70- for useless dlc and a shitty season pass.
  6. Does mpf have a taunt where somebody say: Whats's wrong with you people???? I would really like a sound like that 😂. And at which file can i find the sounds on my computer?
  7. Really can't believe this terrible news. I had a lot of fun with Zunnie and becuase of him, i still play renegade on the MPF server. He was friendly to everyone and always trying to test some new things for the server. Now you Always can drink good and ofcourse you will made Renegade great in heaven, Zunnie
  8. Remember this match. Good teamwork at GDI. Lot of players were helping tanks with hotwires.
  9. That's my opinion also. Lot of players don't swap if some buildings are destroyed, becuase they don't want to join a losing team. Most of the MPF-staff will always ask if players want to swap. Some mods will swap if the balance is not ok for a long time. But it's not fair for the mods if they must swap all the time. In my opinion there is no fair solution for that problem. That's why i said "Sometimes, the team balance sucks after a main building is destroyed"
  10. There are indeed less rq after this solution. I remember a lot more RQ from the random swaps. It still can be anoying. I was trying to kill the NOD ref in the start of the game. Timed did go off and i only need to activite the remotes, but, of course, i got swapped 🤣. No building destruction for me or i just swapped while i was driving with a tank in the field. But i really don't know a better solution. Sometimes, the team balance sucks after a main building is destroyed. I remember playing Blazingsands this week with 7 vs 14 after our pp was destroyed. But nobody used !swap. We still played like 10 minutes with this difference.
  11. Yes, that's the spot. The mammy in my game, was hitting the top of the HON. Maybe it was only 1 of his cannons, becuase he was also hitting the sandbags.
  12. Discussion about C&C City2 map. This is about the 2 buildings in the middle, between both bases. gdi can drop vehicles with their transport. Today a mammy was camping and whoring the hon. It was on the building from the gdi side, so it was save from our vehicles and the agt will shoot down any apache. Just, luck for gdi or is this something like b2b?
  13. Sharky89

    More Maps

    I think West was sometime in the rotation. Some parts of the map are really beautifull (likethe Saloon), but nobody comes there because the bases are really close at each other. Also at some parts of the map infantry (at the river) and vehicles can get stuck. But i would like to test some old maps!
  14. Epic rush ! Good teamwork from GDI on that map.
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