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  1. I don't take life very seriously and I think this picture personifies that perfectly. Backpackin' erryday.
  2. Paris Terror Attack

    Will be interesting to see the reaction from NATO. It's a no-win scenario. You decide to conduct more airstrikes/occupy Syria and you'll undoubtedly radicalise more people, as innocents are always unintentionally in the firing line. Do nothing and you're effectively allowing these groups to grow. What a world we live in, eh?
  3. [Birthday]Happy Birthday Dominion!

    Aw thank you; you're too kind! Been away for a while so I've only just seen this now. Cutesies xoxo
  4. [Poll]Coke or Pepsi

    Pepsi Max is the way forward. I usually get the cherry version to mix with vodka. But like Gaylen, I only really drink water; soft drinks are for meals out and nights out only.

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