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  1. Zunnie was so friendly and loving, I used to stay up nights with him just talking about random stuff! this is very very sad RIP my friend
  2. Haiii!


    Back after not playing for months and months, starting to get my shot a bit back but still resty :( 

    hope to see you all ingame anytime soon! 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. rackzz


      Please no. Im sick of loosing my head ingame :D Nah just joking nice to see more peoples coming back to renegade :D 

    3. GirlsPwn


      Good to have you back!! 

    4. Zuko


      Thankyou! i will join sometime when i see you guys in game:) 

  3. So, hows everyone doing?

  4. Zuko


    Welcome. I'm bibi nice to meet you
  5. Zuko

    renegade OMG WMD!

    so WMD is Nuke? that explains a lot.
  6. i think he means : Who is the best sniper in ultraaow? XDD
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