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  1. He is eligible for medical green, and I don't care if he wants to do that. Way better than pain pills and cigs!
  2. My brother has to come live with us for a while to establish residency in this state, then he can apply for social services and hopefully get back into his own place, tough guy to live with..... I have to get him away from my cousins ex husband, really bad influence, just out to get my brothers money (what little he has) off of selling him drugs. He also talked him into stopping taking his schizophrenia medication which he needs to take the rest of his life to keep things under control, god I hate that guy....
  3. my older brother was diagnosed as a schizophrenic when he was 19, he's 58 now, been living on his own (medicated) and doing fine for about 30yrs. He is a cancer survivor, and it showed up again in his lung last fall. Now he is addicted to pain pills, about a month ago he bought 60 or 90 morphine pills off my arse hole cousins ex hubby on a Friday and they were gone by Sunday. That night he got arrested for attempted arson for trying to burn down someone's house and wanting them to die. Now he sits in Oakland County Jail just outside Detroit. I am trying to get him released to come and live with my wife and I outside Chicago so we can get him some help. He's been calling me every day multiple times driving me crazy. He has to go for a competency exam to see if he is fit to stand trial and if he was in his right mind when he committed this crime. If they find that he wasn't in his right mind at the time of the incident the charges may be dropped, hopefully that is what will happen. My other brother died a few years ago of an overdose in his sleep, they found methadone and cocaine in his system. My oldest brother found him dead laying in bed. So basically I want to get my brother here so I can get him some help, he sure needs it! I have my wife to thank so much for keeping me out of trouble and raising a great family with 2 kids, daughters a college grad, sons a sophomore at Northwestern University and doing good. Northwestern's ranked #12 in the US, really good school! really good kid! Happy Friday!
  4. So much to say, not enough time to say it all. Feel for ya bro! Going through some tough times myself. Hang tough!
  5. I get a cup o joe with an extra stok shot in it! http://www.caffeineinformer.com/caffeine-content/stok-coffee-shots
  6. Haven't seen wyld in a while, might have a couple three weeks ago....
  7. This is me, and one of me and the wife of 26yrs!, and one of me and great friend on Chicago's lakefront! Haven't changed much! I'm auto tech for a living. I also have a black sash in shaolin kung fu, and The Monte!
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