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  1. Once upon a time... I seem to recall a map or two with planes (not choppers)... anyone recall those?
  2. ya.... I could not connect the last couple days. Or this morning. Then I reinstalled again and it worked. So far, so good. thanks!
  3. what the hey... I've been using mIRC for at least a decade. Recently it wasn't connecting for me. I reloaded, restarted, etc etc Worked fine for a few days and now something else is wrong with it... May try once more, then go to Hexchat... but i always liked mIRC
  4. not sure what is going on with my IRC... searching for fixes..


    1. WNxServer


      hey trumpet - it's a generall issue - on Chatbox shaitan already replied :D

    2. trumpetbum


      ah... I didnt see that.. thanks!


  5. hi... IRC won't let me connect.. i get this


  6. i miss niagra, snow, siege ( although I see siege here once in a while).. more of the classic maps, a little more often??
  7. until

    yes... miss that keyboard....
  8. Bought a new hitch today.. complete with accessories "I'VE GOT BALLS OF STEEL !!!!!!!!!!!!! " many other bad jokes followed...
  9. hi again.. you had asked me about coming back as mod.. have had more time to play lately... still interested


    just have to get the TS and IRC details again, if you still need mods..




    rob h  aka MPFtrumpetbum

  10. thanks!


    another list gave me this answer..




    Check in your Renegade folder if the file VFS.dll is present, if you can't find it it's possible that your antivirus deleted it. I'm not quite sure if this file is tied to TT's scripts or if it's in the core files, but you'll need to reinstall either the latest scripts, or the whole game.

    This guy was successful in solving his VFS problems by reinstalling c++ redistributable x86 package on W10, take a look maybe?




    I actually reinstalled before i got this answer...


    then reinstalled scripts...  then made sure renlist linked to game2.exe,   not game.exe


    i think it was my virus program

  11. trumpetbum


    Hi all. Sorry I haven't been around as much lately as I would like to be. Hoping to get in some time this weekend. Dealing with some " life" stuff lately. Take care all.
  12. beautiful bike! better to spend on that, than on what many others waste theirs on.... booze, drugs, gambling, etc.... and as a bonus you keep healthy it's all relative.... living in Northern Canada we need a well heated and insulated house, etc. (ours needs work.. but its good....) If we lived in the tropics, we could do with less.... up here it;s have a decent shelter, or you die. (and at least no one is dropping bombs on us! some people are just running for their lives... not all are making it) so i make more money than some.... but i have to pay a lot to survive, as well. like someone said "it;s always something" stay warm and safe, all...
  13. I used to have lots of issues, depending on which virus program i was using....currently using panda
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