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    Love boobs and booze, guitars

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  1. Really nice rush, good team work
  2. You guys there? @hesh94 @Jeff560BZHfr @MPFwobbly196 @rohirrim6 @Captpo0ed @r3sur[r3Kt] @aaaaaaaaa @Fr4gg0r @FRAYDO @MorDos Wonder If You return some day
  3. Yes its detroit in tiberium temple
  4. RoCkStAr

    Server FPS

    This word is legit dude
  5. YEs it is tiberium temple, i wanted to post other screen shot insidet this tv but this did fit the best
  6. This. Shotgun is too strong, thats why they changed it We need Grenades and Flames for anti structure infantry
  7. RenCorner has it like this, they removed the Shotgun from Technican and Hotwire , although they replaced it with Grenade Launcher for Hottie and Flamethrower for Tech. I would say this is much better option since shotgun is really killer in close combat where Hottie and Tech were designed to be anti structure unit. I say that we replace it like RC and they would become much better anti structure unit. This would help with APC rushes and also help with structures that are under repairs by multiple techs/hotties engs @unknown @WNxServer @gkl21 @MPFwobbly196 @Dethice @Unstoppable @vihannes2 @Cronus @DaDuKe @newtown19

    1. RoCkStAr


      THIS IS GOLD ! Thanks you Vihannes2 :D Love it

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