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Everything posted by RoCkStAr

  1. Hello nice to see ya mate . Remember to instal ren list and scripts
  2. Happy Easter to all of you
  3. 39:19 - Dusk Hour C&C Tiberium Sun ❤️
  4. Just pm us with "!requestmod" command. Will take a care of
  5. Happy New Year 🤶
  6. Merry Christmas and lots of gifts !🤶
  7. Hope you get lots of gifts
  8. https://americangg.net/tb-woman-10-years/?fbclid=IwAR22ZA-wrEI0Oz2xiG6GNxQ71USCW8dBnXLR6AfaOTcOmhX-bWih0sJB3LQ Lol yuck
  9. They;re going to rebot C&C Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert. They also thinking of FPS. What we known so far, grpahic will be vintage like but good looking as for 2019/2020
  10. @hesh94 @rohirrim6 @gkl21 @WNxServer @unknown is dis Murkel
  11. Maybe ill look into it an dstart some mapping with a little help
  12. EA_Jimtern Verified: Jim Vessella, EA Producer1.8k points · 3 days agox2 Thanks for the post, Electrifyer. We will not be adding any microtransactions to a C&C Remaster. @unknown @gkl21 @WNxServer @rohirrim6 @MPFwobbly196 @Dethice @Baddog13 They aint gonna do it ! yoo ! EDIT If you read EA redit thread theres information by Jim Vessella that old Westwood team is working on it mainly. I can die happily if they remake Tiberian Sun as Renegade with some C&C 3 units. Dig my grave and take my monies
  13. Honestly i can pay monthly subscription of 10$ for having a great game or a 100$ for stand alone C&C title with 100$ each expansion pack. Hoping for two Expansion pack at least. Monthly subscription would be okay too
  14. Liked your comment at Reddit but tldr , i known your right . Sorry for lazyness
  15. @hesh94 @unknown @MPFwobbly196 @rohirrim6 @gkl21 Welcome back Commander
  16. HOLY SHIT, THERES A CHANCE Im really satisfied about that news. Cannot imagine C&C ending at CNC4 which was garbage . Last decent C&C was C&C3 Tiberium Wars and Kanes Wrath which i really have enjoyed. We need to keep community alive, theres a chance. I remember when EA bought westwood i had really bad thoughts about it but even if they failed with RA3 and C&C4 i still had hope. Generals Zero hours was cool but Tiberium wars and Kanes wrath blewn my mind. Wish there was Renegade 2 game or RTS based on Tiberian Sun mixed with C&C 3 KW, with a little of Tiberian Dawn
  17. RoCkStAr

    Hello :)

    hi there ,welcome
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