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  1. 2020 is way more active than 2017 , 2018 and especially 2019 Join us Play with us
  2. You dun't have steam in Austria/Australia bruh? It will be steam or origin requiered version. I highly recommend buying it with g2a.com Well, they said also that people will be able to make own server? Not sure? Huh ?
  3. I have expected more of a redesign, 3d version. It looks good now but not as good as Starcraft Remaster comapred to normal Starcraft I will play it but it is not the best work
  4. Seem like we are going to play something nicely done. I rather it had redesign than remaster. It will be active for year than it will turn into "renegade activity" I think heavy tank and light tank could use more love. Ea i can Give You 9.99 USD for standard version. Doesnt look as good as starcraft remaster Lol prices. 19.99 USD Standard, Special 59,99, 25Th Anniversary 149.99
  5. Some fun games right there
  6. RoCkStAr


    No, not CMPS guy I used Rockstar since 2005 Firtsly i used Rapture, SnowStorm and than Rockstar
  7. RoCkStAr


    Not a Jelly staff but used to be UnRules Staff and i remember playing alot at Jelly with You man. Greetings
  8. Really nice rush, good team work
  9. Yes its detroit in tiberium temple
  10. YEs it is tiberium temple, i wanted to post other screen shot insidet this tv but this did fit the best
  11. Hope you got lots of gifts, cakes and snow
  12. This is super cool mate
  13. Well ill buy it anyway. Hope we guys can have some online matches apart renegade
  14. Blizzard outdid themselves with Starcraft Remaster or Warcraft Reforged, models were a little bit redesigned just like building and terrain. Very little changes that made it better. Gameplay havent been changed. When we see Remastered version of C&C it feels like it havent been polished, rushed and untits, terrain, structures , etc looks like cheap job.
  15. This is my point, small changes and redesign wont affect original game. I cannot stand Remastered version at the moment. Look how blizard boosted up Starctaft Remastered and WoW Reforged. They look and feel outstanding now Some new changes are necessary. Guys remember to vote no or yes
  16. Glad we share same opinion, though am th eonly one disliking it. Starcraft 2 remaster is being kept s3 but they totally remastered whole levels and units. It was more like a redesign than remaster. With this 1995 boosted graphic it is gonna die asap
  17. Im half happy and half dissapointed, heres the trailer This is not going to live long or sell much. People expected 3D and much better graphic. Dont get me wrong, i appericate all the work but this doesnt seem right. These guys need to redesign it into 3d with more realistic scales and models Important @unknown @WNxServer @gkl21 @MPFwobbly196 @Wyld @Unstoppable @vihannes2
  18. Hello nice to see ya mate . Remember to instal ren list and scripts
  19. 39:19 - Dusk Hour C&C Tiberium Sun ❤️
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