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  1. it depends from preset your skins are a bit confusing, GDI red 😅
  2. what happened to jeff560?
  3. I was wrong about it. I made precise tests and FPS is the same with HT enabled and disabled. but this tip worked somehow with overheated laptop and CPU throttling.
  4. cracked-i love this map-total mess in tib field between refs and everything is possible Sunrise Ravine-always good tank battle in middle Sleepy Hallow was cool, so much action in tunels near buildings lol Atoll is very original map, low money, fun with shooting doors in buildings lol
  5. renx... bad physics, steering tanks is so weird, bugs, boring, need much teamwork to win, nice graphics 5/10
  6. many people complain about low FPS. as you know renegade uses only 1 thread which means that if you disable intel hyper-threading (or SMT if you have AMD CPU) you wil double the CPU usage for renegade = basically you get ~2x more FPS
  7. you forgot about rockets😉
  8. MPF_Walls_Flying, on hill 3 mammoth tanks and MRLS xD allowed or not?
  9. but it not so hard. watch NFHAVOC stream. the only problem with IA maps is obvious-they are not updated from 3 years , thats all.
  10. @Madeen well everyone plays for fun but some players enable RAGE MODE when they cant win xD
  11. you dont know what are you talking about.
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