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  1. Map rules

    k thx will do xD
  2. Map rules

    i just wanna get that clear what that is 0.o
  3. Map rules

    hey here
  4. Map rules

    Hey Guys I think many have been asking...and some have awnserd (sorry cant spell) i asked around diffrent awnser time to time from "mod´s" and i dont know...or im confused around it...but Cold river when u shoot from nod air "ramp" to gdi pp...is that b2b or what is it ?!?!?! i would like u figure it out plz....then notice mods ect ect ect my reguards MadsMax26 the n00b ;P
  5. 10 Second IONs/Nukes at Renegade

    they ruin Whole game, especiallly if enemy gets 2-3 10 sec in a row....

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