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  1. ill drink a coffee for him ... sad times indeed ... i wish his family the best ... RIP man ... im not taking bet on this one (joke for the admin !) every one loses
  2. Its Teh Vib been a long time also
  3. holy shit its a vib !


    well i haven't been about much my self ... just got married and the mrs is pregnant so been spending alot of time with all that shit ... lost my man cave (turning it into a bedroom for the baby)


    glad to see you back ... might catch you on TS / skype / steam some day





  4. freelancer is friggin awsome ... but mp can get boring fast
  5. indeed happy holidays all .. have a good one and remember to get extremely pissed from not till new year
  6. yer we have a server i believe i havent had a chance to play it in a long time ... but im also learning the editor its much better then UDK lol shame you dont have the pc to play / use UE4
  7. happy B'Day man ... hope you have a good one and remember ... get extremely pished
  8. RenegadeX, GTA5, Battle Front and some others that i cant be asked to type
  9. sounds like my sort of village post some images of were i live when i get past all the fires and police reports lol
  10. Happy Bday man ... have a good one and dont get too pished
  11. happy birthday man ... have a good one and dont get too pished on coffee OLD FART
  12. spooookkkkiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee
  13. spooookkkiiiieeeeeeeeee
  14. yay im an old fart too ... thanks guys ... now time to get too pished (coz im the only one whos allowed to get too pished on there birthday )
  15. Version 5g


    Renegade-X Client
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