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  1. holy shit its a vib !


    well i haven't been about much my self ... just got married and the mrs is pregnant so been spending alot of time with all that shit ... lost my man cave (turning it into a bedroom for the baby)


    glad to see you back ... might catch you on TS / skype / steam some day





  2. Some might know me as Vib, Teh vib, Dr. Sexeh ,or That (caught Kenz and Kick neked in a med tank) Guy Well this guy managed to burn his laptop and his pc and left himself to wonder around in reality and dating and training for about 8 months. Reality sucks, girls are annoying ( always nagging about why i train so much), bich training comes before everything, always. Im back ladies and im staying, need my fix of Renegade (X) P.S. Kickmofo Thanks for ur ex gfs number, std`s for life bro.........
  3. They are both equally good. Most of the writers work for both companies anyway, the craving of the day decides wich char i want to read. As long as the story is good and has good drawings to go with it, doesnt matter if its DC or Marvel.
  4. http://9gag.com/gag/aNKLoY4?ref=fbp Def made me go rofl
  5. id say use the noobs ingame to vent
  6. Thertey yeers uld Developers grow up so fast
  7. Too much money on the match for them to go crazy. But if mayweather thinks he will be remembered in the lines of Ali, Frazier, Tyson, he can dream away. Best boxer/ match of this century my ass. Unless the matches are rigged and the opponents are paper tigers, its beyond me how this douche has 48-0.
  8. TehVib

    ts3 Oh my!

    So he took the blue pill
  9. Played all the maps yesterday, man this beta handles like a Dream. I expect mayor ass whupping on Complex the tunnel fights goona be eeeeeepic
  10. U heard it newbs, RenX is upping up the ante with Beta 4, Canyon, Under and Complex are added and a shitload of improvements. Go here, read it, download when the Beta is up and kick some ultra gfx ass at Under. http://www.renegade-x.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=74826
  11. Handy if a Transformer with giant balls attacks a piramid
  12. TehVib

    Fav TV Shows

    I only have a mirror and just watch myself , wonder what im gona do tonight...should be good.....
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