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Olivier Brousseau

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    This is my first map in Unreal Tournament and in the Unreal Engine. I chose a CTF map because this is one of the modes I like the most, simply. Apart from the obvious lack of decent art (I am a junior level designer, first and foremost!), there are surely many ways to improve the map. I would like to get some input on it. Please do not hesitate to criticize this map, I need the feedback! The level is an abandoned nuclear plant set on an asteroid. A nuclear breakdown caused most surviving scientists to leave the place, although the high-potential minerals on the asteroid remain untapped. Design intentions: - A central landmark to always know where you are on the level - Two equal outposts in terms of defense (color-coded for easier identifying): two access each, fairly open (not much cover) so attackers can have a fair chance of grabbing the flag - Various possible routes for the flag carrier: central plant, open rocky run, hazardous bio pool - Powerups scattered at key points. Most powerful ones put the player in danger (near bio pool, inside closed bunker, lower level of the nuclear plant, very high peaks not easily accessed) - Various scripts control: periodic nuclear damage inside the plant, force fields activation/deactivation, lift, etc.)
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